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More typical forms of Nicaraguan transport
Just look at the Horizon
By Christ, Lake Nicaragua is a choppy mother. As soon as we slipped the concrete harbour at San Jorge (and the attendent scary Nica policemen with Uzi's), we were buffeted by wind-driven waves for 45 minutes until we hit the lee-side of Isla de Ometepe. You might have a vision of Popeye on his cartoon ship going up and down waves.  That is what is was like. I couldn't figure out why they put up a huge taupalin down one side of the boat until we set sail.  I got it when the first uber wave smacked into the side of the boat.  As you can imagine, the tarp was totally ineffective, but luckily I was in the middle and had my bag off the floor.   This was also my first experience of being the only white face (OK, tanned) on a mode of public transport.  I'm not really sure of my thoughts on that, I guess it was cool.  Sort of.

Crap Roads
And so to Moyogalpa.  There really isn't all that much to say about this place, except that the hostel was ridiculously cheap and up quite a big hill.  I was aiming to get to Merida in one fell swoop, but it simply wasn't going to happen, so my overnight stop.  Annoying, I walked down the hill the next day to get my bus, which promptly drove straight by the hostel.

Note to travellers: The bus from Moyogalpa to the south side of the island stops, inexplicably, at Altagracia for 1 hour.  And it doesn't pick you up where it drops you.  It does allow a chance for two breakfasts though, so not all bad...
Amanda says:
I'm tired of "later"....
Posted on: Mar 26, 2007
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More typical forms of Nicaraguan t…
More typical forms of Nicaraguan …
photo by: Biedjee