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Although small looking, having that water fall on one's head was quite powerful
All lies
Now then, one of the many things that gets my goat is being lied to.  Just go to the wesbsite of the Tucan Hotel for me.  Now, does it say "close to" the sea?   I don't mind walking about to get to places, but to me a 50 minute walk to a beach that I have to pay $6 to get onto isn't close.  Yes, the $6 isn't the fault of the hotel owners, but the falseness of the sea's proximity is.  More in a review of this place...

One thing you could ask is how I know it is 50 minutes if I didn't go to the beach?  Well, one, the bus goes down the road you have to go to to get to Bahía (which, incidentally, is close to the sea).  Secondly, I met a couple of people from Switzerland who were travelling together.  I love the fact that they are called Simon and Simona. :)  I liked them so much I gave them my Costa Rica guidebook as I'm not going to need it anymore. Anyhoo, they told me all about it so I feel justified in my gripe.

I did go to the advertised waterfall though.  That is close (about a 20 minute walk) and is quite nice.  The Costarricences who are using it as a slide in the photo on the above website though are insane - it is way too high for that.  You also have to pay a 300 colones entrance fee, although I can't really see who it goes to.  It appeared to land straight into the pockets of the Crusties who just happen to live at the top of the path to the river.

I was distinctly unimpressed with Uvita, so I moved on to Dominical the next day with rather bizarre consequnces...
Stigen says:
I stayed at the toucan too....it was faaar to go to the beach...but at least we did`nt have to pay at the beach, as we found a path that was free!
Posted on: Oct 04, 2009
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Although small looking, having tha…
Although small looking, having th…
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photo by: Stigen