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The view from upstairs at Tamara´s. Bikes and surfboards clearly do mix after all.
Yellow coral beaches, swinging palms, hammocks and Caribbean bars.  This place should be gorgeous, right?  Well it is.  And it isn´t.  It´s certainly the dirtiest place I have yet been in Costa Rica.  Plastic "Imperial" cups (great beer though, and I´m not alone...) are strewn about the place, poverty is evident, as is the reality of life where crack is freely available.

But it is still the Caribbean coast and the beauty is not hard to find.  Look past the dishevelled Rasta dealers and it all becomes apparent.  The great value food in creole places like Tamara´s, the Playa Cocles a kilometre down the road which regularly dumps rubbish surfers like me underwater and the fabulous breakfast joint called Bread and Chocolate.
It is probably only me who is amused by this sign.
Life is hot and easy, it is hard to do anything but relax and just take it all in.

Sunday provided the opportunity to watch a local football game.  Just as I arrived, a midfielder from the away team unleashed an unstoppable 25 metre shot into the top corner.  The sides looked like they were the equivalent of local pub teams, but they would easily be a match for the English lower divisions.  The home side had a brute of a midfielder: probably 6´6" and 17 stone of muscle.  He was the scariest footballer I have seen in such a team.  The only laughable part was the goalies.  Boy, were they crap.  The term "flapping at crosses" was probably invented by someone watching players like these.

Puerto Viajo is also home to a wave called the "Salsa Brava".  I saw it in operation once and the photograph simply doesn´t do it justice (hence it isn´t here).
It looks much better inside... Their website has all the photos you need, just thought I´d inject a little reality.
  It is huge.  Three surfers were trying to ride the thing as I watched, two of whom managed it. It must have been seven or eight metres high judging by the size of the surfer compared to the wave.  Frankly, I wil never even contemplate such a wave.  Ever.

Four days was enough for me in the lovely Cabinas Jacaranda. Sleeping in a real bed with a fan and bomb proof mosquito net was exactly what I needed after some weirdness in the place I was looking after for a while. If you want to chill, enjoy some beer and food and if you´re a better surfer than I, you could do much worst than this place.
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The view from upstairs at Tamara´…
The view from upstairs at Tamara…
It is probably only me who is amus…
It is probably only me who is amu…
It looks much better inside... The…
It looks much better inside... Th…
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