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There is Something About It
I have this thing about place names that make me want to go there.  I don't really know what it is, some connatation with a name that stirs something.  I suspect it is to do with televison.  One of these place is San Salvador - I like the way it trips off the tongue.  So I went and it means there is one less place to see on the list including Corsica and Hobart...

Guns and That
El Salvador is supposed to be scary, basically because lots of migrants are returning from the States and supposedly bringing an inner-city gun culture back with them.  Well, maybe I was lucky, but the only firearms I saw where the ubiquitous shotguns toted bank security guards, which is the same all across Central America.  Amazing how you get used to stuff like that.

Anyway, I stayed in a nice place close to The Boulevard of Heroes - Ximena's Guest House was great, apart from the awful beds.  Terrible, terrible back problems.  San Salvador is quite a modern place, with a number of larger American shoppping malls, many automobiles and what seems a generally high standard of living.

Anyway, less of the uninspiring travelogue - I met some cool people there and was amused (mmm, right word) by some English guy called Adam who had somehow managed to walk from Xela to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala over 3 days with a broken toe.  Now, I can certainly recommend not breaking things in San Salvador - he had some right trouble getting the insurance bods to stump the cash for a pin insertion.  Still, he made a great clubfoot shoe out of a flip flop. :)

I exited The Salvador when I found out some Swedish girl had got Dengue Fever....
Amanda says:
Dengue Fever is the only thing that made me nervous in Singapore - pretty easy to get there it seeems... nothing like a disease that your prophylactic doesn't protect against...
Posted on: Apr 26, 2007
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San Salvador
photo by: Biedjee