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It took me four years, but I finally had the chance to stop and visit the Redlin Art Center in Watertown, SD.. Honestly, it was nothing like what I had expected and I'm still deciding if that was a good thing. 

Originally I was expecting an art collection that would be more diverse and perhaps regional, not the collection of a singular artist. Nor did I expect the interior of an art museum to be so official and business like. everything about the building oddly echoed something that you would expect to find in 18th century Washington DC, not late 20th century rural South Dakota.

The museum was free to visit, which is good, and the 45 minutes I had prior to their closing was more than enough time to see two floors of artwork by Minnesota native, Terry Redlin. 

His artwork was very skilled and technically well executed. The majority of his paintings had ducks and geese or some sort of wildlife, often in motion - something that you would expect to see hanging on the wall of a log cabin for a wealthy hunter. The details were amazing and I will give Redlin credit for impressive rendering of sky light.  But I was kind of bored.  Skill aside, I felt like I was looking at artwork for ducks unlimited, calenders that are ment to hang in tractor supply shops, or posters. Everything was similar and many paintings almost had an HDR affect.. It just wasn't my cup of tea.  The artwork or the museum space. 

I did enjoy a couple of the smaller side galleries. one dedicated toward his sketches and the other for his earlier work in school. The artwork in both galleries I found to be more intimate and expressive than the highly polished and extremely detailed work in the main galleries. 

I probably will not visit again, but I think if someone was into duck paintings then this is the place for you! :)

I would post photos, but there was a no photography rule.. 

esterrene says:
haha there were crazy number of duck paintings!
Posted on: Nov 07, 2012
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photo by: sshephard