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The beach and boardwalk at Nha Trang

We ran the familiar gauntlet of touts on mopeds all wanting to take us to the best and cheapest hotel in town or offering to take us to our hotel but then they will actually take you to the one where they earn commission!! Not exactly what you need at six in the morning after an overnight bus!! Not only that but the dodgy tour company we had booked through dropped us outside their sponsored hotel rather than their travel office as they were supposed to which meant we had a nice mile or so walk with our packs on. Sometimes we wonder why we love Vietnam so much, we just can't help ourselves, we do!!

We headed for the main tourist hotspot in Nha Trang which is centered around a road called Biet Thu.

Nha Trang
We checked out a couple of places we'd earmarked from the Rough Guide and as usual the information was dodgy. One place no longer existed and one had obviously taken the opportunity the extra trade being mentioned in the guidebook brings to hike up prices. We're starting to wonder why we bother with the guides to be honest. Half the time the information is dated, maps are wrong, price info is way off and some of the writing is so heavily subjective that it proves useless. We find the experiences of other travellers much more helpful. Hooray Travbuddy!!!

We settled on a hotel which seems to have two names, it's either Hoan My Hotel or Phuong Ngoc Cu Hotel. If its good enough for New York then I don't see why our hotel can't be named twice too. We've got a huge room with a nice balcony and it's clean and the staff are friendly which always counts for more than you'd imagine.

Steph and her Happy Hour Cocktail Bucket at "Why Not? Bar"
One slight problem was that the whole of Nha Trang was in the grip of a power cut until 5pm!! Considering we were both nursing a sunburn the one thing we could really have done with is some good old environment destroying aircon. Adam particularly was not a happy bunny!!

Nha Trang is actually quite a bustling city but the area we are based in is relatively quiet but that really doesn't mean that much in Vietnam as the sound of horns and motorbike engines is a constant backdrop. We took a stroll around and found the entire area seems to have been given over to travel offices, boutiques or restaurants and bars, many of which are quite fancy. After catching up with some sleep we checked out a couple of bars and found a really nice place called Why Not Bar? It has a nice outside seating area as well as an indoor area with some ultra comfy chairs.

Adam at Why Not? Bar
They do a crazy cocktail bucket for a happy hour thats runs from 9am to 10pm and there a a couple of pool tables too. We ended up eating there too and the food was excellent!

The next day we found a book exchange on Biet Thu called Andy's and stocked up on reading material ready for some serious beach time over new year!! We got three books and exchanged one and as part of the deal you are given a voucher for two free coffees at the associated bar around the corner as well as being given a frienship band each to either wear or use as bookmarks. They had a really good book selection too, how good is that? We decided to wear our bands and now feel a fully fledged part of the traveller community. How cool are we?

Internet use here in Nha Trang is only VND5000 for an hour so we did some catching up with emails, blogs and photos before heading off to the supermarket to stock up for our NY trip to Whale Island Resort. The lure of the cheap cocktails and beer was too much to resist so back at Why Not? we got a little merry, eating and drinking too much before returning to our hotel and tucking into the supplies we'd bought for our trip!! Oh well!

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The beach and boardwalk at Nha Tra…
The beach and boardwalk at Nha Tr…
Nha Trang
Nha Trang
Steph and her Happy Hour Cocktail …
Steph and her Happy Hour Cocktail…
Adam at Why Not? Bar
Adam at Why Not? Bar
Nha Trang
photo by: rotorhead85