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Our flight back was uneventful apart from a bizarre little stop at a place called Rach Gia which had the bumpiest runway we've ever landed on. Getting into the city didn't seem quite so bad as it had last time, maybe because we knew what to expect or maybe it was knowing that we were only staying one day!! We went back to Guesthouse 70 and the woman who runs it seemed genuinely pleased to see us again which made us feel welcome. We had a list of jobs to do as long as our arm which we got onto straight away. Unfortunately the internet in HCMC was its usual slow and unreliable self so our updates to these blogs took us much longer than we wanted. We did a bit of pharmacy shopping to stock up on the valium, etc which our Phu Quoc howling dogs experience has taught us is necessary. We had planned lunch and dinner at our favourite haunts from our last trip but to be honest they both let us down a bit which was a real shame. Still, our happy hour beers at a bar called Stella were perfect so that more than made up for it. We booked our bus to Phnom Penh with our guest house lady with what she was advertising as Sapaco tours, a bus that we had seen previously and had a decent toilet on board was modern and clean etc. After a decent nights sleep thanks to a heavy dose of co-codomol, we waited for our bus only to find that it was a crappy Highway One Co bus with a grotty toilet (which incidently, broke after 20 minutes into our journey), rude staff and was really old and stank!!! It's so disappionting that you just cannot trust anyone in Vietnam when it comes to money. If an opportunity presents itself for them to rob you they will. It's such a sad fact and it feels horrible to say but its 100% true. The worst thing of all is that all she profited from it was the $2 each difference in ticket from the rubbish bus to the decent one. Now we are obviously telling everyone we meet what she did and that sort of rip off will hopefully put others off staying there and she potentially could lose loads more. It was a feature throughout Vietnam that they really don't have very good heads for business and competitive practices. 
kerryandandrei says:
Kerry and I would tend to agree with your comments about SE Asians and getting money out of us farang.

We hope to go to Phu Quoc soon, so you're guesthouse tip should be useful (hope we're lucky with the weather here in the rainy season!).
Posted on: Aug 22, 2008
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