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I lived in Wyoming for a few years as a kid. My parents ran away from NJ for the second time and ended up in WY because work could be found in the mines during the early 80's. It was an interesting experience to return to a state you once briefly called home. My childhood memories of that time are foggy and slightly skewed but they came back to me quickly when we entered the state.

I can remembered vaguely the open landscape and sense of isolation I felt during my childhood. Not much has changed there. The landscape is still very open and can still give you a sense that your the only person left in the world.....

I can remember clearly the blue hear shaped balloons that my father had let loose into the wind when I was five. I was told that they would go to my mother, but she never received them :( and I was heart broken.
I often wonder who did catch them....

My father worked the night shift at the coal mine and would leave treats for us to find in his lunch pail.. As a kid I thought I was being really sneaky taking the candy bars out of the lunch pail and leaving behind the wrappers (i had hope that he would think that he ate the candy himself when he saw the wrapper), but years and years later learned that he left the snacks for my sister and I to find on purpose :P

I remember my parents getting into a huge fight and my mother leaving the house to calm down. The neighbors by then had called the police to complain of the noise. I had answered the door when the police officer knocked. I stood in front of the officer with my hands on my hips and shouted at him "you better not arrest my daddy ya big bully!!" haha I was so serious and the officer just looked down at me with the grumpiest facial expression.
But I stood my ground at the age of 4.

During recess time in Kindergarten I would dance and sing out loud like the people did in my favorite musicals :P haha because of those musicals I was convinced that when someone danced and sang at the same time then no one could see them... :P:P:P I was 5 and had a big imagination.. still do :P

My oldest memory took place in Wyoming. I remember the moment my parents placed my new baby sister into the back seat of the car.. it was bright outside and the light was behind my mother making her and my bundled sister look like one dark shadow. I don't remember looking at her just seeing the form of her coming toward me as everyone was getting into the car... I was 3

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