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View of Mount Fuji

Andrea and I woke up at 5:35 and were in the lobby by 5:45. We checked out, grabbed a taxi to the airport, and got in line. While we were in line we were asked the standard questions: “Do you have any liquids?” “Do you have anything that could be used as a weapon?” “Has your luggage been out of your sight?” We were then informed that our carry on luggage would be checked numerous times.


We got our tickets and then went through customs where the computer crashed and we had to move to a different line. Once we got through the line we had a half hour before our plane was going to take off. We then got to security check point number one where we went through the metal detectors and had our carry on luggage put through the x-ray. For those of you who don’t know peanut butter is considered a liquid. The airport security can and will take it from you.


Andrea and I had been arguing this point. I said it was a liquid but Andrea wanted to check so when we left Koh Samui she asked the Thai Airlines and they said that peanut butter was not a liquid. I figured at that point I would no longer argue because an airline had spoken. While Thai Airlines may agree with Andrea, United Airlines sided with me and our peanut butter was taken away from us.


After that security checked we were lined up where the hand held metal detector was used on us and we had to open our carry on luggage for a personal inspection. Once that was done we had two minutes or so before our seats were called to board.


I got a window seat on the flight back to Japan and I fell asleep for two hours. The flight was uneventful until I noticed that the sky was pretty clear…not a lot of clouds. The pilot agreed with me and announced ten minutes or so before landing that there would be a great view of Mount Fuji out the left windows of the plane. Guess where I was sitting!!! ON THE LEFT SIDE! Right out my window was Mount Fuji snow cap peak above the cloud line. It was the first time I have seen Mount Fuji from a plane and it was a picture perfect site. In fact, I have the picture to prove it.


Andrea and I decided to take the trains back to Arakawaoki and they ran like clock work. We didn’t need to wait at a single station. We arrived to the platform, the train pulled up, and we were good to go. The trains were cheaper than the bus and I didn’t think the couple of extra minutes was that big of deal. I wouldn’t want to do it with a ton of luggage but for what we had the train was perfect.


We got back to Arakawaoki around 4:00pm, grabbed Andrea’s car (which was waiting for us at Beth and Kevin’s), and drove back to our apartments. IT IS GOOD TO BE HOME!


I had an amazing time in Thailand and will be going back some time. I want to see Bangkok, Chiang Rai, and Karabi.

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View of Mount Fuji
View of Mount Fuji
photo by: ErinPatty