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Merry Christmas!!!


We traveled from Chiang Mai to Sukhothai today and that was a bit of an adventure. We rode in a tuk-tuk to the bus station. A tuk-tuk is a small three wheeled motorized vehicle that carts you from place to place.


The station was a bit confusing because there were all of these different windows. Each window was a different bus route and it was all written in Thai. After finding information and asking where we needed to go we got our tickets for the five hour bus ride. I had read the guide book and decided that we would want to take one of the air-conditioned second or first classes buses because they would be more comfortable for a five hour bus ride.

(Lonely Planet is a great guidebook.)


Before we got on the bus Andrea and I decided to go to the bathroom. I had read about the ‘rustic’ bathrooms but I was a bit surprised. First to use the bathroom is a charge of three baht and toilet paper will cost you another baht. Andrea and I were smart and packed the travel size tissues. Once we were in the bathroom we had to figure out how to use the toilet. In Japan you just squat. In Thailand you stand on the toilet and squat. There was also no running water so we had to take water from a barrel and use a small bucket to flush the toilet. It was a learning experience.


The bus ride went well. We arrived at the Sukhothai bus station and took a Sawngthaew to our hotel. A Sawngthaew is a small pickup truck with two benches in the back that is used like a taxi. When we got to the hotel the owner was waiting for us. He took us to our room and told us that in the morning he would explain the best way to see the ruins in the morning.


The Orchid Hibiscus Guest House is charming. We have our own porch, a double bed, and a small bathroom. The guest house has a nice pool and a small dinning area. There are also a ton of flowers and tropical birds all around the guest house. The only problem we have is the bed. Andrea and I think the mattress is made out of plywood.

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photo by: DragonFlies