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Andrea and I packed. I admit that I procrastinated and probably drove Andrea nuts but I have been stressed about the trip. (More on that to come) Any way we are packed and we are only bringing one rather large duffle bag for the two of us. I know that I am not bringing enough pants but I am hoping to buy some long skirts when I am in Chiang Mai. I live in Japan. It is hot during the summer. I have no idea how I don’t have any summer clothes. All that is left to pack is our last minute items and our backpacks.


Between the two of us I think we will have enough books to cover the vacation. I am brining at least five and Andrea is bringing three or four. Most people think that is over kill but we are going to be spending a couple of hours (at least) on a bus and probably riding a train over night. Thus we will need books. On top of that that we are spending five days on the beach (one must have books for the beach). We also tend to turn in early. We are not the type of people to do the ‘nightlife’ thing and we read before bed. As you can see, we are going to need the books.


We have all of our hotels booked. That is done! (FINALLY) It took forever to get a hotel on Ko Samui. I finally found an on-line booking agency that found us a hotel. That stress is over with! Because it took us so long to get the hotel for the island most of the flights to the island are booked. That brings me to the stress.


Now, I just need to figure out how to get us from Chiang Mai to Sukhothai. Odds are that will be a five hour bus ride. From Sukhothai, I need to get us to Ko Samui. I have no idea how that is going to happen. We could fly from Sukhothai to Bangkok and from Bangkok take a sleeper train to Phun Phin, hop on a bus to Surat Thai and then get on a ferry to Ko Samui. We could also fly to Bangkok and then fly to Ko Samui (but it looks like all of the flights are booked). There is the option of trying to fly from Bangkok to Surat Thai and then getting on ferry to Ko Samui. As you can see we have options but I don’t have any time tables because I have no idea where to find that information. I going to ask our hotel in Chiang Mai to help us out.


 It sounds like this is the way most things are in Thailand. Laidback, you get there when you get there. That is now how I operate. I like schedules (at least for trains, planes, and ferries). We will see. At least we will be in the country!


Andrea gave me free reign for the trip and she is pretty laid back about things so I don’t think she will mind if things change (a bit). We fly out tomorrow at 6:35am. Beth and Kevin are also flying out around that time so we are heading down to the airport with them. We land in Bangkok at 11:40pm, sleep for four or five hours and fly out for Chiang Mai at 7:45. We get there at 8:55am and the adventure really starts!


I hope to stop at a couple of internet cafés so I might be updating during the trip. If I don’t I will do a couple of massive updates when I get back.

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photo by: ErinPatty