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Hello all,

Well, Lindsay and I went our separate ways yesterday, much to my dismay. We have loose plans to meet up again in Vilcabamba this coming week and I really hope it happens. I took our picture down from the main page in a sad little fit I had last night after we split up and I dont have the means to put another one up here at this internet cafe. Sorry for the antics but I´m pretty sad without Lindsay by my side and acted a little juvenile as a result.

We had a nice time in the jungle a few hours from Banos, where we stayed for a few days. Our hostel, Plantas y Blancos was great. There is a restaurant on the roof and steam baths in the morning, and the views from the rooftop and our balcony were great. Banos itself is a great little town and I can easily see why I ran into so many travelers there. At the start of our two day excursion we rode mountain bikes for an hour or so through towns heavily guarded by mutts who liked to chase us away from their territory and took a cable car across a river a hundred and fifty feet or so in the air (at least it seemd it from up there.) We then took a van to where we started our rafting trip. Class III and IV rapids after a night´s light rain and about 2 hours or so in the boat. After that we had lunch and headed to our lodge where we went on an hour and a half walk into the jungle to a waterfall that we swam under, I´ll get some pics up soon I can. We stayed in the jungle lodge that night with a nice German couple, a Dutch couple who now live in the Antilles, and we made some friends with locals. There were two girls from London that Lindsay had a lot to talk about with seeing as she did a year abroad in England. Over the two days we saw some incredible waterfalls and flora, and the views from some of the places we stopped on our jungle walks were amazing! This land called Ecuador is one of the most beautful and mostly untouched landscapes I´ve encountered in my minimal travels. Everything is green outside of the cities and the cities themselves are pretty nice too. Every hill in the mountains is at an 80 degree angle it seems and waterfalls are everywhere in Banos. In my opinion if you´ve been to one city you´ve been to them all, so so far I´ve enjoyed the smaller places we´ve stopped. Today was 8 hours of rough road to get to Cuenca with many stops because it´s a long ride. I´m here alone and not too sure what to do but it seems like there is a lot to see. I´m really looking forward to getting back out to the middle of nowhere right now though. My hostel here, A Casa Naranja, isn´t the most accomodating, but it´ll do for one night before I head to Vilcabamba in the morning, where I´ll wait for and hopefully meet up with Linds in the coming week.

Adios, ciao, hasta luego all you travelers and non-travelers who might be reading this.


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photo by: Ils1976