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welllll..we made it!
After an initial feeling of culture shock, Quito has grown on me over the course of the day. Our hostel is nice and clean, but perhaps on the noisiest street in the city. Not really, but it´s hard to believe that buses and trucks go on the little street where it´s located.We are staying in the Old City, which has an exponentially lower number of gringos than the ¨New City¨..It has it´s benefits, but coming to the New City tonight was definitely fun. There are lots of tourists and some pretty posh eateries, internet cafes, and bars. We had an incredible 4-course lunch today--tabouleh salad, soup, fish with potatoes, cake, plus limonada--all for $4 each! Pretty ridiculous. And another great dinner tonight, equally as tasty and equally as inexpensive.

The city is safer than I imagined and we really have experienced nothing but kindness (minus one attempted robbery). The people here have the most beautiful smiles, and I´ve already fallen in love with all the little niños I´ve seen. Phil and I are looking forward to heading into the countryside tomorrow, though. From high points in Quito we can see the volcano Chimbarazo, and all the rolling hills beyond the city limits, and it looks like some seriously stunning scenery.

We´ll be in touch!
Signing off,

So yeah, the attempted robbery. She didnt get anything but she tried. We were going uphill very slowly due to the incredible amount of people packed onto the sidewalk and she had plenty of time to unzip and fish around the small pocket of my bag. Oddly enough, I think she had a solid 5 minutes to do what she wanted and my camera, a flashlight, and a travel towel all remained when I finally realised something was going on behind me. Maybe the skeeters are bad where she lives and she found some DEET. I really dont even know. But like I said, everything important ws still there and a lesson was learned.

Quito is a pretty cool city and pretty close to what I expected. Parts of it remind me of Soho or even downtown New Haven and others remind me of City of God. Only the people with guns around here have badges and arent Reyes do Favelas. Like Lindsay said, we ate incredibly well for super cheap and the views around the city are beautiful. I suppose the suburbs are what we see on the hillside and the hills themselves are really pretty and from a distance seem to be tended to. It looks like the patchwork you´d see in a low flying plane anywhere in the States.

We can also see Cotopaxi (a volcano) in the distance, near Latacunga, our next stop. It looks like a towering slab of rock from here so I can only assume it will be even more gigantic when we are at it´s base.

It´s the first day so there isnt much to report on but I hope what we´ve written keeps you satusfied until we can update this thingamajig again.

Paz, Felipe
ateqah says:
can i be your #1 travel blog fan? i even got a profile and everything!
Posted on: Jul 07, 2006
Vikram says:
it's good you're writing your travelogue as you're experiencing the place. Nothing to beat fresh memory!
Posted on: Jul 07, 2006
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