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Wow, we can hardly believe that we've been gone two weeks already. The trip so far has been fun and vastly interesting. Too much so to recount all the details. But we'll do our best here to hit some of the highlights, good and bad.

Decidedly bad highlight number one was going through security in Tokyo after being trapped in a flying aluminum tube for fourteen hours. I mean really, how could we have possibly acquired WMDs between Seattle and Tokyo. Hell we couldn't even get much sleep. Anyway, all in all it wasn't the worst that could happen. It only took an hour and we made our connecting flight, so "wass sa problem?"

On the good side, everything went very smoothly on arrival in Bangkok. Even though we got in at 12:15 a.m., and our guest house (RiverView G.H.) was a little place that no one ever heard of, our driver got us there directly with the help of the google map I printed out before departure. Thank you google. And the night clerk, Auch, was the sweetest guy you ever want to meet. So far, so good.

Christmas eve the first order of business was to take care of Jacqueline's tooth which began bothering her on the way over. A visit to the Happy Tooth Dentist near the guesthouse got her started with antibiotics and an x-ray for less than $20. Later in the week we sought more thorough solution to the problem at the upscale Bumrungrad International Hospital. She is good now for the rest of our trip.

Between Christmas eve and the 30th of December we traveled around Bangkok via water taxi on the Chao Prayha, Sky Train, Metro, Khlong Boats on the canals, walked, taxied, and yes of course we took a couple of tuk tuk rides - but just to say we did.

One of the highlights of the first week was taking the train to Ayutthaya. Hotter than sin on Sunday, but we really had a good time. We started the trip by walking to the train station with our new friend Auch and his wife who were returning home to the Don Muang area of Bangkok. Auch got us set up with the right tickets etc. Once in Ayutthaya we crossed the road to find the best noodles in my entire life. We were also able to rent bikes there for the ride around the ancient ruins. Of course by renting the bikes there we had to transport them on the little ferry across to the island. Later we discovered there is now a place just past the ferry terminal where you can rent the bikes.

Now just to clarify, when I say ferry I'm not talking about a Chinook class big boat. What I mean is a launch about 20 feet in length that will hold about ten Asians or two big farangs with their bikes and about three local folks - gawking like school kids at the sight.

The real highlight for me of our week in Bangkok was something I had not done on any previous visit. That is riding the khlong boats that ply the canals between Banglumphoo and Sukhumvhit. They're a little scary to get in (you grab a rope along the top, sort of swing into a bench seat through the window opening on the side, and sit down). Once on board hold on 'cause they're fast and offer more than a casual chance at getting wet. Lots of fun!

stabber911 says:
I thing that small boad, we call in thai 'long tail boat' with the car engine at the back. it can travel quite fast like 60 Km/hr. that is around 45 mile/hr..
Posted on: Jan 06, 2008
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