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My main goal of the day was to buy my ticket across the Red Sea to Sharm-el-Shiek.  I know that there is a ticket agent fairly close to where I am staying.  When I went to get my passport from the front office, I was told that they would try to put me into a “normal” room in the hotel.  I am fine with that as long as the normal room has hot water that my original room did not have.  I try not to be too much of a prima donna when traveling, but hot water is nice when you are spending money for a room.

I tried to find the ticket office for the ferry across the Red Sea, but the map inside of Lonely Planet was a little less than adequate.  I ended up getting a cab, but the taxi driver took me much further than the place was supposed to be.
  An argument ensued.  I found someone else who explained to the cab driver where the place was.  He drove me there and getting a ticket for the next day was not a problem.  The cab driver drove me back closer to my hotel but still tried to charge me for a full fare although I told him that he was not taking me to the right place from the beginning.  I pay less than agreed originally agreed upon due to him taking me to the wrong place and I think he cursed me in Arabic.  I am sure I have been called worse.  

I walked around afterwards.  I met some of the locals.  Most seemed to be nice people.  I walked up the hill and got a great view of the Red Sea and then returned to my room for a long nap.  

There is not much to this city that I like.  Hurghada just seems to be epitome of gaudiness.  It appears that there is not a lot to do aside from go to the beach and go shopping.   The problem for me with the beach is I do not tan, I stroke.   I have been told of some safaris that are based out of here, but I really do have the time to participate.   Most of the clubs within walking distance from my hotel seem to cater to the dance crowd.  Perhaps, it is the fact that I am a terrible dancer or perhaps it is because I have a strong distain for dance music, but dance clubs are not a place that I frequent.

On a positive note, one of the interesting things about this town is that most of the tourists are from Eastern Europe and Russia.  I am releaved to know that Americans do have the market cornered when it comes to wearing extremely sore eye inducing clothing while on vacation.    That phenomenon seems to be worldwide.  What I find even more interesting is that many of the people who live here are multilingual.  In addition to Arabic, most speak Russian and English.  

In conclusion, if you idea of a good vacation is sitting on the beach, eating at McDonalds and buying extremely ugly vacation clothing and souvenirs, Hurghada might be the place for you.  Nothing wrong with that, but not really my idea of a great vacation.

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photo by: maka77