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The one thing that I can say about almost every international trip I have taken is that my health has not always been in top form.  My first trip to Asia, I came down with a deep lower respiratory infection.  I was practically downing a bottle of cough syrup before taking off to make sure that my coughing would not hinder me on boarding the plane and entering China.  The infection lasted the entire time I was in the Land of the Giant Panda (Chengdu).  During my second trip to Asia, I came down with an intense case of vertigo, which seemed to be induced by the rough seas during a ferry ride from Lantau to HK Island.  That lasted a few weeks, but still did not stop me.  My trip to Turkey was marked with a bad stomach flu, which did sideline me for a few days.  

I have tried my best to think positively before this trip into Egypt and Jordan.  Surely, lightning cannot strike four times in the same spot, could it?  Well, as fate would have it I have either strained my hamstring or have a pinched nerve in there.  It started bothering me last Sunday a little.  I thought that I might have went too heavy working my legs.  The past few days have not been fun.  The only time it really does not hurt is when I am walking or lying in bed.  Sitting and standing seems to flare it.  I have been walking as much as I can.  At least it gives me an excuse to be hyper and run all over Egypt when I get there.

I thought that I had EVERYTHING packed.  There were a few things that I would have to pack in the morning but everything would be quick and easy.  I awoke at 0500.  My driver came to my apartment at 0530.  It takes about 30 minutes to drive in the early morning from apartment to the airport, that is as long as you are following the speed limit and traffic signals.

When we got to the airport, I checked everything again and realized that I had forgotten two things.  The first was my laptop.  While I try not being totally dependent upon modern technology, my laptop serves as my compact life.  I do my finances from across the seas, watch movies, listen to music, and etc. all from the convenience of my MacBook Pro.  Additionally, while this is a vacation, I will be working on some reports that I need to complete for Georgetown U.  I could have ultimately lived without my laptop.  But the thing that I could not have lived without was my passport.  I felt like a complete fool.

My driver rushed me back to my apartment.  We made it in less than 20 minutes.  I ran upstairs and found my passport on top of my laptop.  Note to self: complete what you are doing when the doorbell rings, especially after sleeping only three hours.

I ran out to the car and we sped back to the airport.  I rushed to get to the check-in counter, but it was closed!  Fortunately, the manager of Turkish Airlines reopened the counter for me, as they had not completed boarding the plane yet.  Some fellow travelers allowed me to cut in front of them at the passport control.  When I got to the gate, there was a long line of people going through the final security check, so I had plenty of time to stand in line and wait.

I said that I wanted an adventure and I think that I have already had one due to my stupidity.  

scubagirl76 says:
I am the queen of forgetting things don't feel so bad :)
Posted on: Jan 03, 2008
ehancy says:
That is the worst feeling! At least you still had your ID...I went to take a trip for work one time and realized that I had accidentally thrown out my driver's license with the old plane ticket from my previous trip. Luckily, I am one of those people that can't live without a passport, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to get on the plane!
Posted on: Jan 03, 2008
sheba124 says:
Congrats on being featured Ronnie!! :-)
Posted on: Jan 03, 2008
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