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My Argentinean friend wasn’t kidding when he said the Brazilians are much different from Argentineans when it comes to soccer. After being in Brazil for over 2 weeks now, it’s really amazing how many differences there are between the two countries. But one of the biggest is definitely in soccer.

We’ve studied the numerous ways that the actual game and play is different. But that is not what I’m referring to in this blog. I think it’s amazing how the Brazilians watch the game.

When we were in Argentina, one of my Argentinean friends commented that the Argentines are very very serious about their soccer. When they watch a game, they become very stressed out and anxious. He told me that Brazilians have a certain happy and optimistic nature to them. They always believe everything will be all right in the end. They don’t get worked up over the little things. Hearing someone say this is one thing, but then to actually see it first hand is quite another.

After having some classes in Brazil before the World Cup began, I slowly started to learn about the Brazilian culture and the interesting jeitinho, the way Brazilians live their life. I am just now getting to the point where I can piece it all together; all of my experiences in Brazil so far are beginning to make sense. Jeitinho, in relation to futebol, is so interesting. In the article we read about jeitinho, they focused on the aspect of how it relates to samba and the favelas. Now I can relate it to futebol.

As I said earlier, Brazilians are more carefree and optimistic about life and futebol in general. This directly relates with jeitinho. When the national team starts the game, they already have high hopes no matter whom they are playing. They are behind their team until the end. When their team scores a goal they celebrate with yells and screams and cheers. They run to their friends and embrace smiling and yelling. I really wouldn’t be surprised if the original “GOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL” started in Brazil. They are happy while their team is playing. If the team isn’t playing so well, they talk about openly. Everyone knows Ronaldo is fat and they don’t try to hide it. They laugh and pick fun at him. My Portuguese teacher openly spoke about the first Brazil World Cup game that had taken place the day before where the team hadn’t played very well. She was optimistic and enthusiastic but was the first one to say that the team had played “no muito bom.” I can just see the Argentineans in Buenos Aires very silent and upset for many days after they tied with Holland. There are very different mentalities between the two countries.

I think this way of thinking has a huge impact on Brazilian futebol as a whole. I think that is why they have more professional players abroad than any other country. I think that is why they have won the World Cup more times than any other nation. I think that is why they have claim to the best player in the world, Pele. I also love how the rest of the world loves them too. Brazilians are happy people because of jeitinho! Watch Ronaldinho play. He is constantly smiling and laughing with those big teeth and huge mouth of his. Even when they miss a goal or if they come very close to making a great play, he goes away with a little smile on his face. I think some of that has to do with the fact that he knows he is so good that he can go around making amazing shots all day. Just because that one amazing shot didn’t work out doesn’t mean that was his only chance. It’s very interesting to watch the different styles of play for each country. Brazil definitely appears to be a less stressed-out team. It seems like everyone gets along very well, just like brothers. When they win a game they all embrace very lovingly and happily. There’s just something in the spirit of each player that makes the whole team light up and glow. I love Brazilian futebol.

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photo by: joesu