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Birds in the garden

The first thing I was thinking off when we drove to our hotel was; Wow, I'm really in The Gambia right now! I was excited of everything I saw (it was dark outside but anyway I was exited) and loved the heat. Feeling such heat as I felt in The Gambia is a synonym to me for a relaxing holiday. This was supposed to be my greatest travel-experience ever!

Waking op in our small room (wet  because of moist while the rain fell out of the sky, that hard I was wondering the roof of our room would stay) I was able to take a look at the vieuw. I thought last night we have a reasonably good hotel but the rooms were bad. Cockroaches on the ground, fleas on the bed and the frogs against the walls and the ceiling. But hey, It gives atmosphere to the trip, right? There are worse things than concerning about cockroaches and fleas.


After breakfast, we've been picked up for our first excursion. Today we visit some local markets and Serekunda. Because of the Rammadam there is some pressure and we are not allowed to step out of the car, which we regret. I love to walk between the local people. Only in this way I am able to enjoy the country and its culture. But unfortunately.

A well-known place for people who visited The Gambia, Serekunda, have been there, the square where they sell batik. Because I am a painter myself , It's extra nice to see how the paintings are made. It is an entirely different way of art, but absolutely worth it. Of course I buy a beautiful one.

Through the small streets, we drive to a school, our guide is a woman of about 25 years old and knows the director of the school. The school was built by a Dutch man and is maintained through donations. The method of teaching is very different than ours, but the children and teachers have fun. The girls are very curious about a traveling companion of us and the boys surrouding me. They all want to been seen and want to feel my hair. I think their hair is great, so beautiful braided!
The cities here are very shabby, there is a lot of thrunk on the ground and the people are crying out for attention. We have seen a lot of poverty, but this feels a little different. Everywhere children run behind the car and ask for money and candies. You would like to give them all something. At the end of the day we lay around the pool...talking about contrasts. The monkeys and iguanas curiously walking around us.

Once again we wake up with warm rain. Today we visit the crocodiles. Through narrow streets we arrive the park. Children are walking with us to the entrance. Some have pie in their pants. On moments like these you realize how much we have.
The crocodiles are great to see, I have never seen one in'"wild". Some of them have blood on their teeth and they are laying one meter next to the visitors. Elsewhere in the park we walk along dozens of crocodiles to the exit. Nice experience.
We visit an orphanage for young children. The children live with about 8 other children and one mother who will raise them. They also get an education so they will have a chance at a good job.

In the upcoming days we entertain ourselves on the beach or at the pool. We prefer the pool because there are a lot of pushy people (bumpers) on the beach who are trying to sell things, which is very disturbing.
Each morning the warm rain keeps falling. But once we are ready with breakfast, it' s already dry. You can't help it during rainingseason.
With an open truck, we are picked up by our guide and go to small villages. Today we want to go further inland. We take a stop at a Gambian house so we can take a look inside. The kitchen is like the kitchens in Cambodia: a hut of leaves and wooden poles with a fire on the ground. It is hot inside but it smells really impressive. The rest of the day we drive through flat fields with some forests of palm trees. The day ends with swiming in the pool.

While we are walking to the restaurant, it begins to thunder and we are literally overwhelmed with lots of rain. Within a minute, we're completely wet. Running on my slippers doesn't go that fast so I do have wet underwear. But because of the warm rain this is perhaps my finest moment this trip.
Through the jungle we're going to a market where I buy some wooden statues. A group of children are walking with us. Once in the open truck they are desperate and climbing what everyone on the truck. A small number of children are among the marching feet and the situation is really uncomfortable.The truck seems to be falling so our guide have to scare them of. Through small villages we drive towards the sea where we look at the fishing. There are a lot of crowd on the beach and it's impressive to watch. People are swimming in the sea for the boats and fish to get in. On our way back to the hotel we see monkeys in the trees along the side of the road.

Our stay in Gambia is already finished. After a few days at the pool and a visit to a liquerfactory (nice man from Belgium), we have to go home. This break was not my best travel-experience ever, but I'm glad I've been there.
Things I will miss about The Gambia:
- The warm rain in the morning
- The small frogs against the walls
- Breakfast, which is always ready
I will not miss poverty, not the pushy people. But I do wish I have the resources to help these people.
Why don't we give all the money win in lotteries to charity organisations in these countries? If I ever win the lottery I buy new shoes first, maybe even some new clothes, but the rest goes to good causes. Promise!
nagadeef says:
hey Gambia is nice lol
Posted on: Jun 27, 2008
mama_africa says:
~Lol A Gal Right After My Own Heart On Shoe Mania :)) Classy Touch :))~
Posted on: Mar 12, 2008
misstravel89 says:
Nice blog! haha especially about the shoes.. typical you ;)
Posted on: Feb 22, 2008
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Birds in the garden
Birds in the garden
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