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eating with my friend's family at Porcao

I had to dedicate a whole blog to one of the marvels Brazil has to offer:  the churrascaria.  For those who have never been to Brazil, if are a carnivore like myself, this is the place to go.  Meat, meat and more meat is what you will get at a churrascaria.  This is the meat-lover’s heaven!  In my opinion, I don’t think there is any place better to eat a hearty meal than a churrascaria. 


My first experience at a Brazilian churrascaria was in Rio de Janeiro.  The place was called Porcao.  I have never been to the Atlanta-version of the Brazilian churrascaria, Fogo de Chow, but I imagine that the food there couldn’t have been this tasty.

Douglas making the meat for the Argentine Asado
  The prices at Porcao were expensive in Brazilian standards, but it was cheap compared to the prices set by Fogo de Chow, so it is easy to understand why I was excited about eating there:  better food and a cheaper price.  Since I was with my friend and his family, I actually was treated to the meal, so it was free for me.  Could the meal have been any better?  I don’t think so.


Churrascarias are one of the landmarks of Brazil.  Argentina boasts of better meat, but they don’t have any churrascarias.  Their version of the churrascaria is the asado.  I love asados, but I think I like churrascarias better.  The best meal would be a combination:  the meat from the churrascaria combined with a bottle of Malbec wine from Argentina.

This meat was the best in the Asado, but the picanha at the churrascaria is even better.
  Beleza!  The Brazilian churrascaria has many different meats to offer the diner: chicken, pork chops, fraudinha (flank steak), filet mignon, lamb, chorizo (sausage), etc.  My favorite type of meat was the picanha.  It is definitely one cut of meat that you need to try if you ever visit a churrascaria.  The chicken hearts were another item on the menu that I recommend. 


After hearing me ramble on about the different kinds of meat, you might think that there is no room in the churrascaria for vegetarians.  On the contrary though, these “Brazilian steakhouses”, as we Americans refer to them, usually have an incredibly large salad bar with a huge variety of items.  Even if everyone else might be diving into meat, a vegetarian can still enjoy a night with his/her carnivorous friends.  To those who love to eat meat like myself, the key to enjoying the churrascaria to its fullest extent is to continuously eat salad in between the different cuts of meat.

Iguazu Falls
  If you do not eat something else in between the different cuts of meat, you will lose the flavor of the meat and everything will taste the same eventually. 


Our group was taken to a churrascaria in Iguaçu Falls, but I was not impressed with the food there.  We’ve arrived in Curitiba now and I’ve heard from our professor that there are good churrascarias here.  We have a week here, so hopefully we shall see if he is correct.  Regardless though, if you ever come to any city in Brazil, seek out a churrascaria if you love meat!

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eating with my friends family at …
eating with my friend's family at…
Douglas making the meat for the Ar…
Douglas making the meat for the A…
This meat was the best in the Asad…
This meat was the best in the Asa…
Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls
photo by: joesu