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my delayed flight FINALLY got into the air

Most people around the world perceive Brazilian people to always be happy.  Is this just a fictional thought or is there some truth behind it?  My first impression of Brazilian people was in the airport.  Of course everyone in an airport is not happy for obvious reasons, but it seemed like the people in the Brazilian airport were less happy.  Prior to the World Cup, things might have been different, but now that the World Cup has started, it seems that everything is delayed, slowing down or altogether cancelled. 


Besides the airport, from what I’ve observed, the people of Brazil seem to be a people free of stress.  They love life and enjoy it as much as they can.  Brazil seems to be a very easy-going country, but I’m sure that is not the case all the time.

game day!
  There is more to Brazil than just the soccer games where everyone seems to be having a good time.  Favelas are all over Brazil and most of the people there are not “happy” as Brazilians are depicted.  The poor people living there struggle to survive amidst the drug-dealers and gangs of street-kids.


If one looks at Sao Paulo, one can see the working capital of the country of Brazil.  One of the speakers who came to speak to us in Brazil said that Sao Paulo was where one went to “get work done.”  Are the people living in Sao Paulo happy?  Maybe, if they are successful at their job.

How can people be unhappy when they can go to the beach whenever they want?
  I would think that Sao Paulo resembles a big U.S. city more than any other in Brazil.  It is the economic heart of the country and if people work here like they do in the U.S. then most people want more than what they currently posses following the “grass is greener on the other side” philosophy.  I personally have not been around Sao Paulo yet, nor while I get to with the group, but this was the image that was given to me. 


The few Brazilian cities I have visited though:  Florianopolis, Iguaçu Falls & Rio de Janeiro complement the theory of Brazilians being happy quite well.  Everyone there was very hospitable and treated us very well (with the exception of what happened the first night in Floripa).

Brazilians on a night out in town
  They all seemed to be happy with their way of life and their surroundings and had nothing but nice things to say about Brazil.  I went to visit my friend in Rio de Janeiro and my friend welcomed me to “the most beautiful city in Brazil” in his opinion.  Everywhere I looked, it seemed like people were constantly lounging, laughing or enjoying the sun.  Of course, the majority of people I saw on the beaches were either trying to get some sun or running on the beach trying to get the perfect Brazilian body to enjoy on the beach.  It wasn’t like back home in the United States where everyone is constantly “on the go” and never wanting to be bothered. 


Maybe this “happy” attitude has been exacerbated due to the World Cup and the success that the Brazilian team has had thus far.

my Brazilian friend Bernard and his grandmother
  After every victory, the sounds of firecrackers and horns could be heard for hours on end in every city our group visited.  Overjoyed fans could be seen cheering at intersections and dancing in the streets with their country’s flag.  I cannot imagine what they would be like if Brazil actually won the World Cup.  The Brazilians shown on television during the games all seemed to be having a wonderful time, especially in cities like Salvador.  The samba dancers and drummers were surrounded by a throng of people all dancing, singing and cheering. 


So are all Brazilians happy?  At first glance, I would say yes.  However, if one takes a closer look, one can see otherwise.  I will agree though that most Brazilians are easygoing and laid back.  The country exudes that vibe which is probably why people from all around the world want to come and visit this tropical paradise.  Even if the only characteristic people around the world can see is the “happiness” of Brazilians, I hope that aura never dies because if it ever does, the mystique and attractiveness of Brazil will die with it.

gene132 says:
Interesting blog..yes, as an American guy married to a Brazilian woman, I would say that Brazilians love life.They enjoy a good time with friends, food,music and dancing. Yes, there is much poverty in Brazil-but I have never met people more willing to laugh and smile than Brazilains-and probably fewer gray hairs than anywhere else!
Posted on: Feb 27, 2012
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my delayed flight FINALLY got into…
my delayed flight FINALLY got int…
game day!
game day!
How can people be unhappy when the…
How can people be unhappy when th…
Brazilians on a night out in town
Brazilians on a night out in town
my Brazilian friend Bernard and hi…
my Brazilian friend Bernard and h…
Brazilian fans
Brazilian fans
photo by: joesu