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Bundled up and enjoying my favorite grog.

It's amazing how much joy can be derived from the contents of one's long lost suitcase.  While my makeup bag and I shared a happy reunion, my lined winter boots, nearly danced a jig while waiting to be placed upon my feet.  I hadn't been so relieved to see my personal belongings since I found my missing debit card in the back pocket of my jeans. 

When we returned to our hotel the previous evening we were pleasantly surprised to find our missing bag sitting nonchalantly in our room as if if hadn't been transversing the Continent for days.  My knit traveling clothes, which had been worn, then washed out in the bathroom sink and dried on the radiators each night were off in a New York minute.

Frankfurt's colorful merry-go-round.
  With a new face and new clothes,  Mark and I headed out  to an Indian restaurant we had seen in our neighborhood the previous day.  I know that there were numerous restaurants in the city serving such German specialties as sauerbraten, wursts and those funny little noodles that are made by drizzling batter into a pot of boiling broth. but they were on the other side of town.  At this time of the evening our joints were quarreling with our feet over who was in more pain so we decided to make everyone happy and walk no further than across the street.  The decor of the restaurant, named "Spice" was an understatement in comparison to the burst of flavors that graced our palates.  We've eaten Indian food in countless cities in numerous countries and I'd have to say that this was one of the most delicious we had come across.
Street scene in old town Frankfurt.
  Maybe it was the KIngfisher beer we had with dinner but that night we both slept better than we had in days.

It's not really all about the food here but we did manage to wake up in time the next morning, our last full day in Frankfurt, to make it down to breakfast.  Overnight, our little Chinese restaurant had miraculously turned itself into a European breakfast buffet.  The Germans as well as the Austrians have a penchant for laying out trays of varied coldcuts and cheeses as well as museli, fruits and  baskets of breads and rolls.  Our buffet also had scrambled eggs and a pan of what appeared to be American looking sausage patties.  I think I'll stick to the bratwurst on a bun.

Another glimpse of the city center.

We could've taken a bus tour of the city today but decided we didn't want to spend twenty-five euros each when we could walk the subzero degree temperatures of the Christmas market (one last time) for free.  Besides, we had saved our souvenir buying for the final day.  We retraced our steps through the city, stopping along the way to bolster our spirits with a hot, steaming cup of mulled wine.  Well, okay, I had a hot steaming cuppa.  Mark was not a particular fan of the brew and stayed with hot chocolate or coffee while branding me as a lush.  We made our way through the now familiar booths, making our purchases of liebkuchen and bethmannchen, both cookies indigenous to the German dessert scene.  We stocked up on Frankfurt Christmas market mugs, which just happened to be filled now and then with the aforementioned gluhwein and also picked up several bottles of apfelwein, a local hooch made with apples.

Imaginative parking solutions.
  A couple of those pretty little heart shaped gingerbread cookies for the Vonbank twins and we were set.  Amazingly, another 6 hours of walking the streets of Frankfurt had passed before we knew it.  Those boots of mine were worth the trouble of dragging them all the way from Phoenix as they cushioned my still aching feet and kept my toes in communication with the rest of my feet. 

We returned to our hotel, taking yet a different route, in order to get a change in scenery along the way.  Then, there it was, a Smart car, parked perpendicular to the curb inbetween two normally parked cars. But this wasn't the first time we had noticed the strange phenomenon  of parking space utilization in European countries.

Some of the interesting sights on our walk to the hotel.
  I had seen cars parked on the sidewalks in space starved cities in England and France as well as cars taking up the entire front garden of terraced houses in  Wales  but never had I borne witness to a miniature vehicle parked "nose to curb" as it was here in Germany.  It's so refreshing to be able to park one's extended cab F350 Chevrolet pickup truck with the 8 foot bed in the more than ample parking spaces back home.

Another dinner at the Chinese restaurant and an early night in the hotel was in order since we wanted to head to the airport in the morning for our trip back to the U.S..  We weren't exactly sure who we would be flying but had narrowed it down to U.S. Airways or Lufthansa.  One way or another we had to get to Philadelphia as we had many friends awaiting us at "Hotel Vonbank", our home away from home !

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Bundled up and enjoying my favorit…
Bundled up and enjoying my favori…
Frankfurts colorful merry-go-roun…
Frankfurt's colorful merry-go-rou…
Street scene in old town Frankfurt.
Street scene in old town Frankfurt.
Another glimpse of the city center.
Another glimpse of the city center.
Imaginative parking solutions.
Imaginative parking solutions.
Some of the interesting sights on …
Some of the interesting sights on…