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After a night in a camp outside of Maun we were up early to get ready for the Okavango Delta, the world's largest inland delta. We were pulled down a partly dried up lake in Mokoros, two passengers per boat and one local doing all the work. Our puller, Anams, was always smiling, talking to his fellow pullers, and teaching us Setswana. 'Dumela' means hello and 'ke a go rata' means I love you.

The two nights we spent in the delta were two of the best nights I had in my travels. One morning we went on a game walk at 4:30am. It was exciting to know that we were walking in the animals natural habitat. Seeing animals on the game drives is neat but you still know you are in an enclosed park. Here we were told what to do if a hippo charges, if a Lion comes after you, or if an elephant starts chasing you.

One evening we went on a sunset cruise- we were pulled down the water for about an hour and then we turned back to watch the sunset as we were pulled back to camp. This is a little cheesy but here is an entry from my journal "this was probably the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. The way the pink, orange, blue, red, and yellow faded into one an other is something you think you can only see in movies. The colors reflecting off of the water full of lillys, the pink reflecting in the clouds opposite the sunset, and the two Elephants not more than 30 meters away shaking the trees is something that can not be captured in words, film, or paintings. It all looks so fake because it truly is perfect. Until tonight I honestly believed nothing could be perfect; however, this image that unfolded before me was absolutely perfect. "

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Arms, Tami, and I coming watching …
Arms, Tami, and I coming watching…
Local women weaving baskets
Local women weaving baskets
photo by: Biedjee