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We are having the time of our lives in Bangkok! no kidding! First night was a big one with esther, blackstar, laura and i going on a pub/nightclub crawl along a winding street near the Rambuttri Inn. After Laura's near death encounter with a motorcyclist, we eventually found ourselves in this absolutely packed allasian club - blackman was the tallest guy there! with the local young thais showing us how to boogie on down. After a few nice cocktails, we eventually made our way back to the Inn (unfortunately this great lil banana roti place was closed for the night but theres always tonite..) (melbourne time was 6am - i was absolutely buggered!)


Esther and I decided to be adventurous and take the initiative by finding our own way to the floating market in bangkok. We hailed a taxi and hopped in  but halfway there we realised that the driver actually had no idea where the floating market was...so we ended up in an outersuburb of bangkok, literally, woop woop, with a taxi driver who'd ripped us off and a floating market that only opened on weekends! Esther and I had, at this point, no maps, no phrasebooks so we were a little lost...we wandered up a random street and discovered that very few thais speak english. Unperturbed though, we asked a street vendor for some directions and I have to say she was the loveliest lady e and I met all day...She spoke broken english but we could understand each other and after a few minutes she understood that e and I needed to get to the Bangkok central train station to book tickets to Chiangmai. She hailed a motortaxi for us and, to the complete and utter surprise of e and I - paid for our fare before we could give her the money back and we were off!

E and I were so grateful to the beautiful thai lady for her friendliness that our spirits lifted immeasurably! the motortaxi took us to a small docking area and we then took a boat to Chinatown. We stopped for brekkie in a small Chinatown hawker stall, then walked to the Bangkok train station after some very perilous road crossings...

Our arrival at the Bangkok train station was a major feat for E and I (two very, very naive and innocent young ladies...but less naive and innocent now!) - we were over the moon! We then decided to head to MBK( a direct factory outlet a warm thai couple we met on the plane had told us about) to get some backpacks for treking in chiangmai. We were keen to take a tuk-tu to the shopping centre but all the drivers who pulled up alongside us demanded an exorbitantly high 50 baht! We decided to get in some more walking for the day and test our logistical skills with the absolutely BRILLIANT and FANTASTIC Nancy Chandler map (great idea e!) when a tuk-tuk driver pulled up and offered us a lift to the MBK mall for 10 baht!

Out tuk-tuk driver was a merry old man named Nom who took us to what we thought was MBK mall. Unfortunately once we entered the airconditioned shop, we realised it was actually a Gem outlet and that our driver had taken us there because drivers get commission from the shop owners. We wandered about for about five seconds then rusher out before Nom explained to us that he received a fuel subsidy if we stayed 10 min at the shop...e and I felt so awful for not staying the 10 min because it was really a detour on the way to MBK.

We agreed to go to a tailors' place... 

thehappywanderer says:
haha, the vietnamese often tried tricks like that on us too...we were invited into a silk shop and promised to be shown all the stages of the silk worm for free but when we climbed the stairs we were told we couldnt see the worms until we purchased items first!
Posted on: Dec 29, 2007
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