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we drove up to charlotte's pass and unloaded our backpacks. Started the hike up to mount kosciouszko in nice weather, not too cold and not too warm. on the way up there was a guy in thongs and board shorts and nothing else running (!) past us, and further up we met him, still running in thongs, on his way down. of course he was automatically nicknamed crazy guy.

It was a nice, wide road all the way up to mount kosziousko, i guess they need to do it like that with all the traffic up there. but i still hate walking on gravel,  feels a bit unnatural :p

it was dusty and there were flies everywhere. flies and dust and sunscreen is probably one of my least favourite combinations. but the worst part was that my bladder started leaking. (the water bladder, not the other one ;) ) turns out i've managed to bite a hole in the mouthpiece.

that shouldn't be possible, after all, they're made for biting! but oh well :D we made up to the top of australia, i think that's pretty cool :D of course it doesn't really look like a mountain, it's more like a giagantic, overgrown pile of rocks that happens to be placed very high up, but mountain sounds a bit cooler :D

lunch was interesting, the hike leader sure did her best to keep the weight down. it was always interesting opening new things and trying to figure out what it was. tuna in a wrap was pretty good, but i would have loved to have some vegetables or lettuce or something with it. and really, we could have carried some decent food the first day, just some fruit or some sandwiches or something wouldn't have killed us. but everything is a new, interesting experience, especially the food things ;)


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highest mountain in australia
highest mountain in australia
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Crossing the snowy river
Crossing the snowy river
Charlottes Pass
photo by: annthansten