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Cameron took me kayaking on the yarra river. after a bit of a drive and some organizing to get the kayaks unloaded and the car back to our finish point, we were off. of course the helmet was waay too big for my tiny girly head, so i had to wear the ugliest had ever, one that he dug out of the bottom of his car...

 After only ten minutes or so I saw  wombat! in broad daylight! of cou7rse it was gone by the time i had manged to dig my camrea out of the drybag behind my seat, but i saw a wombat!

there was very little water in the river, but the rapids were fun enough for me since it was my second time in a kayak. of couse the pics are of the two biggest rapids. Actually there was so little water that we kept getting stuck and had to wiggle ourselves loose again.

one of the bigger rapids (yes, there weren't much water...)
but it was still fun :D

the kookaburras laughed at us...

We kayaked down the river, keeping a nice and steady pace, not too fast. then we came to one of the better rapids, and suddenly cam is no longer in his kayak, but swimming next to it!

this confused me a lot... so i stalled, trying to figure out how to get trough without being separated from my mode of transportation. stalling is not the smartest thing right infront of a rapid, no matter how small... suddenly i was well and truly stuck sideway on the edge of the rapid. and i couldn't get loose! so i wiggled, and wiggled, and wiggled, but i was still stuck. in the end i decided to just get out of the boat. the second i pulled the skirt off the kayak was filled with water. completely full.

.. now it was too heavy for me to get loose...

Crocs are great for walking in rivers with, after you've remember to put on the heel-strap...

cam finally managed to get his kayak up o some rocks, and came to my rescue, getting the kayak  out of the water. and so i just climbed back in, happy as ever that my dry-bag was working properly (i'd hate to drown anothyer camera only two days after buying it...)

we stopped for lunch at a scout camp up there. really cool to see another fixed camp. had lots of fun in the bouldering wall, even though my fingernails are really too long for climbing at the moment. and the toilets were open :D and cameron had brought beer! cold beer for lunch :D

after lunch we were on our way again, our clothes had dried up in the sun, and everything was just excellent. except for the fact where none of us had remembered to bring sunscreen since it was cold and cloudy when we started... bright red nose now :(

and then cam tipped over again. :D fun to watch, not so fun when i came and couldn't steer away from him and hit him square in the back with my kayak... lol :D

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one of the bigger rapids (yes, the…
one of the bigger rapids (yes, th…
drying up our soaking clothes
drying up our soaking clothes
taking a break...
taking a break...
we made it!
we made it!
photo by: jendara