A loooong drive, and then, st. pats. Again

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It was a long drive. No surprise there, I knew it was going to be long, but it's such a boring drive too. when the road just stretches like a long, straight line in front of you. But we made it to woomera eventually :)

It's an old military town or something, so all the houses look pretty military, in nice lines. And it was very quiet. very quiet. But they had a really cool exhibit of rockets and stuff. They used the desert as a test-area for all sorts of space shuttles, and they had all these old things, and rocket parts standing outside, so people could see them. Pretty cool to get to see these things up close, even if they were old. but they had some nice information plaques, telling the year, purpose and effect of the rocket, so you could see the evolution in the rocket science :)

After that we drove to the campground. Our first night on this trip, our first campground adventure :)

Of course the shop was closed, so we went to the club for dinner, it was the only thing there. the food was nice, and the place looked like a typical australian club. but there wasn't really all that many people around.

Later we went down to the campground pub. It was the smallest pub I've ever seen, only 2 square metres, but it was big enough :) the outdoor area had lots of nice, colourful lights hanging around, and a few of the locals were there to celebrate st. patricks day. so they had green hats, and they served green beer :) Yummy!

we got talking to the people on the next table, which is good, an evening is never very enjoyable with just me and my dad staring into our own beer, having said everything there is to say during all those hours in the car :) The people were australians, travelling around for a while. they were on their way south from alice springs, so we had a nice chat about uluru, australia, and other parts of the world.

I think my favourite thing about australia is that most of the people here have been to other countries, and they are very aware of what's going on in the rest of the world :)
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photo by: wbboy29