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The man from snowy river in cooma(or something like that, i honestly can't remember the name of the place...)
we had a brief stop in cooma (or something like that), where i bought myself a new liner for my sleeping bag, a bit worried that i would freeze at night and i found one really cheap one. of course when i finally unpacked it the next night it turns out that it's practically kiddie-sized, doesn't even reach my shoulders. but oh well, i still have the other one...

i also saw the statue of the man from snowy river, with and excerpt of the book printed on it. defintely need to read that book, it seems really good.

two hours or so later we arrived at our hostel in jindabyne. of course the reception is not manned in summer, so it took about 20 minutes before someone came and let us in, but that's ok. we quickly loaded ourselves into two rooms, and then we went shopping. the whole car full of people needing something or other from the store. we drove about ten meters before we realised that the supermarket was right outside the door, and the car really wouldn't have been necessary at all. but there was no way we were turning around then... had fun at the supermarket, one austrian, one canadian and one norwegian trying to recognize anything on the drug shelf. i wanted something for my mozzie-bites, the canadian something for allergy and the austrian something for her cold (the aircon had almost killed her, the constant temperature changes are hard to take for us northern europeans) in the end we finally got a hold of an australian, but it turns out that she didn't really know either, so we opted for going to the farmacy the next morning instead...

there were actually a few people staying at the hostel, which surprised our aussies, they hadn't expected anyone to be there in summer, and certainly not right after new years...
polvandenwirre says:
Jindabyne... this is where I spent New Years Eve 10 years ago. That was almost a solo party! On New Years Day it was on to Thredbo to climb Mount Kosciusko, Australia's highest mountain.
Posted on: Mar 13, 2008
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The man from snowy river
in cooma…
The man from snowy river in coom…
photo by: polvandenwirre