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Expedition time!

The first day of expedition was mainly spent cooped up in a car, but there were several breaks, so we didn't die. not to mention the landscape was very interesting, and it helps having two aussies in the car to answer all (or at least half of) my questions! The red dirt is especially fascinating to me :D

I also saw two gum trees doing it doggie-style. how they could do that when they were dead, is beyond me, but i'm starting to think that i might need to pull my mind out of the gutter and grow up soon. or at least within the next ten years...

In Canberra we went straight for the parliament building. and who would have thought, they have a security check before they let you in. Of course. I should have thought of that. i should also have thought about not taking my scout knife in with me...

But the guards were mighty impressed by my little knife (appearantly it's a big dagger...) The others in my group were slightly shocked, they didn't even know how to react :P of course i would never have had that knife in my daypack if i had been a slightly more organized person, but i did use it for the ice-carving the night before, and just shoved it in my pocket afterwards. when the morning came i just put the whole shorts in my daypack, it seemed like way too much hassle to empty the pockets... and i still think it was less hassle to have my knife confiscated than it would have been to empty the pockets.

We had reservations for one o'clock for lunch in the parliament building, but it was really hard finding  enough tables for the 12 of us without spreading us all over the place. turns out we were the private party who got a whole room to ourselves, with free coffee (Coffee!!!) and tea and stuff. Yay :D  and the food was absolutely excellent. maybe because there were more than one roll per person, unlike the stupid camp lunches, but it was really great food. and fruit. and coffee. did i mention the coffee? not instant coffee, but real coffee :D

after lunch we were left to wander around the building by ourselves. pretty cool that they just let people wander around as they wish, looking at everything and nothing. and i learned a tiny bit about australian politics, but i spent most of the time admiring the view, and the long red strecth over to the war memorial. truly fascinating city planning:D

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photo by: Sunflower300