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today they shipped the whole camp off site and to the beach in wollongong. was very nice, but the waves were so big that we all had to swim between some flags, so it was really crowded. and i got sunburned between my breasts, guess i had a different bikini on when i put on subnscreen. but it's the first saunburn so far, and it wasn't bad, so everything is good:D
After a while we decided to leave the scorching hot sand on the beach and go for a walk instead. wee walked and walked and walked uphill, or so it seemed, it was a bit too hot for me. But then Sal discovered a 'Cold Rock' which appearantly was heaven on earth. and not only for us, the line was so long it almost stretched out the door. But it was so worth it! two kinds of ice-cream and toffee, chocolate, milky-way and all sorts of candy mashed into the ice-cream. absolutely brilliant! but of course the ice-cream was low-fat, so it didn't take very long before i started to feel slightly yucky. so i basically just picked out all the candy-pieces, and left the ice-cream. really don't want an allergic reaction on the bus back to the camp...

That night there was an ice-sculpture competition in the pub. great fun! we were supposed to make it look like the moot mascot, duncan the koala. funny how 5 out of 14 managed to make it into a penis. us included...
And appearantly scout knives are not very common in australian scouting. i went to get my knife to make the carving a lot easier, and everyone were mighty impressed by my huge knife (normal girly-sized knife, according to me). but the carving went great, we won second place, only a little bit behind another penis... so now i've got a free bowling game, when i get to melbourne :D
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photo by: monkeymia79