bad idea. bad, bad idea.

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cook's cottage

Getting drunk then sleeping at the airport seemed like a brilliant plan. until i actually did it. turns out there is no transportation going to the airport early enough to actually be at the check in at 5. so i had to get a taxi anyway... got to the airport around four in the morning, pretty wrecked after way too little sleep and a few jagabulls. what on earth posessed people to drop their jaegermeisters in their redbull? and why did pat and freddie make me drink it? oh well.

turns out the airport is closed at night. woohoo. so i lied down on the bench outside and went to sleep. of course i set my alarm, i know i can sleep trough anything if i've smelled a cork.

after check-in i went to the gate and decided to lie down on the floor and get some more sleep, set my alarm for boarding time.

woke up when my name was called on the speakers. everyone else had already borded the plane... so i got in, sat down, and went back to sleep...

roughly 90 minutes later i uddenly found myself walking down some stairs on an aiport, and it was freezing cold. i hoped i was in melbourne.

everyone had told me that avalon was seriously far out in the country, but to me the bus ride didn't seem that bad. although it did feel like the bus was moving in slow motion. managed to complete one sudoku, don't think i slept, but i guess i did. felt hungover as can be without a headache. why do i always forget that i can't drink and not sleep on the same night? i have to do either one or the other, otherwise the next day is completely ruined. why don't I think???

bad idea.


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cooks cottage
cook's cottage
anul krap
anul krap
photo by: jendara