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Frankfurt... yum:D
Had four hours in the airport in frankfurt, so i decided to go outside for some fresh air. took me only 30 minutes to find my way trough the passport control and out. gotta love being norwegian, getting to choose between eu and non-eu nationals, depending on which line is shorter :D
Had some great weissbier and some rosti :D you should have seen the face of the guy when i asked for the roesti, without any food with it, but he brought the goods, quite speedily too :D ater that i went out for more fresh air, and then started the long and complicated trek to my gate. after one hour and several security checks (why is it that when people stand in line for ages and ages they still have to hold up the entire line when they finally reach the check because they've forgotten to take off their belt and empty their pockets and all that crap they should have done when they were just standing there???) later i was a the final check, where the lady promptly informs us to take a walk, as there is nothing to see or do inside this check.
gotta love germany ;)
sure, i can walk, even managed to find a beer, and some norwegians, and a tv that showed norway losing the handball game against russia. of course i left before end, i wanted more fresh air before i borded. freezing cold air it was too. of course this time the two security checks i had to go trough had huge lines, but it's not like i was late or anything...

How do they even justify not selling anything liqiud on the other side of the security check? i couldn't buy any water to bring on the plane! and i didn't really have time to go to the bathroom after my two beers... (which had left me abit tipsy already, german beers are magic, not sure i really like it...:p)
dahling says:
oh - now I do feel like having a Henninger
Posted on: Jun 05, 2013
Manu32 says:
Haha, I like to be Swiss. I also can choose between eu and non-eu nationals. :)
Posted on: Mar 11, 2008
tvillingmarit says:
But we won the silver medalj
Posted on: Dec 19, 2007
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Frankfurt... yum:D
Frankfurt... yum:D
gotta love germany ;)
gotta love germany ;)