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Arrived in Cairns late last night, very tired. can't seem to get my body clock in proper order, still wake up before seven, and go to bed around nine every night. better get it fixed before new years!

Today we went on the skyrail, the cable car over the rainforest. was very interesting, seeing all the different vegetation, and the climate is definetely different from Adelaide. Very hot and humid here, but it's been cloudy all day, with a few raindrops here and there, so it hasn't been too insufferable. The village on the top was definetely a tourist town, more souvenir shops and ice-cream than anything else. And everything seemed to be written in chinese or something first, english second... Feels like I've come to a different country entirely.

Went to see the Koala park in the village, was a bit hard to find the entrance since we had to go trough a LOT of souvenir shops first, but found it eventually. was bit disapointed, it was very small, but i got to see kangaroos really close up, very cute with the joey sticking his head out to eat grass every time the mother bent over to eat:D saw some crocodiles and some snakes. Then my mom wanted me to hold a Koala and get a photo of that (like the tourist i am, i might have wanted it a little bit too...) actually turned out to be a pretty good pic. When i gave the koala back i found my hand full of Koala-shit. so now I've tried that too :D

Back down we went on the scenic railway. Rainforest is a new scenery, and it was quite pretty, but the long stops at every single waterfall was a bit much. being the start of the rain season there wasn't that much water in any of them, and I'm norwegian, it takes a LOT for water to impress me... but all in all it was a pretty good day.

later that night we walked aimlessly around looking for pizza for dinner, ended up at an italian resturant. the pizza flavours are a bit australian i think, what's this thing with putting bbq sauce on everything? but we found something somewhat edible, and the girl ensured us it would be thin pizzas, so we ordered the size we would order an italian pizza in europe. not even my father, the human trashcan, could finish his medium pizza! the pizza was about as thick as a regular american style frozen pizza, nothing italian about it. oh well, I've learnt not to expect anything like it is at home...

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photo by: Katie_Kate