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We arrived in Broken Hill late last night, so we had some food, and chatted a bit with the family we visited, before we went to bed. I got to sleep in the living room, right infront of the aircon :) nice draft :) and there was a turtle in an aquarium next to me, he was really cute :) but he was splashing around all night, trying to get attention every time I moved :) turtles are fascinating creatures, I never imagined them to be so social.

Went out for breakfast this morning. This country sure knows how do make a good greasy breakfast :) and Broken Hill is a cute town, i really like the style of the buildings :) And there was st.patricks day paraphenalia everywhere. which i guess is pretty logical, since this was the weekend of the st.
drunk little girls in pretty dresses :D and hats, let's not forget the hats...
pats races.

the races was an interesting experience. Lots of people dressed to the nines, in high heels and pretty dresses, walking around in dust all day. it seemed like drinking was more important than watching the races, but there was enough people betting anyway :) they also had some beauty competition or something, with people lining up on stage. first there were the kids, and then the adults. or young adults, i guess is the more correct term. i think there was a teen pageant too, but i'm not sure.

all in all it was a very interesting phenomenon, and it all seemed very australian, right down to the steak sandwiches :)

so, to summarize: horses, pretty dresses, and lots and lots of beer. can you ask for more? except maybe temp's below 30. or just below 35. anything would be good really, just not this bloody hot!
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drunk little girls in pretty dress…
drunk little girls in pretty dres…
pretty shoes, on dirt...
pretty shoes, on dirt...
Broken Hill
photo by: roamingduck