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great selection :D
Arrived last night, and marie found me immediately :) Today we went to the Speights brewery. The tour lasted about an hour, starting with a pretty funny 'interactive' show, where they had dolls dressed up as different historical figures, and then they just put the light on the right figure while playing a tape to make it look like that person was speaking. so not very high tech, but a lot of interesting historical facts about brewing beer. After that there was a pretty fast tour trough the brewery, with lots of info about how they make beer and stuff, but they could have gone a little slower, there were lots of interesting stuff to read on the walls, but we didn't have time before we were ushered into the next room.
But it ended with a good beer tasting, they had some interesting brews there, lots of good beer.
And of course there was a gift shop with lots of little trinkets, but nothing that i really wanted. the beer towels were sold out, and that's the only thing i really wanted, so it was a bit dissapointing. but oh well :)

after that we went on a small tour of dunedin, had a good look at the trainstation, it's erally pretty, and they had a nice art gallery inside too.
we also went to get some coffee and food, in a cafe located in a furniture store. that made for some pretty interesting views:) i've never sat down to eat right next to carpets for sale before :)

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great selection :D
great selection :D
photo by: crystalware