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The bus stopped at a parking lot somewhere, and we all fell out. There was a bridge with a very pretty river under, so we all went over there to get some pictures.

I don't know what it is about white water, but I've always been very fascinated, I can stare at it for ages. I guess it has something to do with the danger of it, the roaring noise, the insane amount of water going trough every second, and the force of it. especially here, seeing so clearly how the water has dug a channel in the earth over the years. Wondering how much water is needed to take one grain of sand off the rock, wondering how many grains od sand there is before there's a notable difference.

We set up lunch, and several curious tourists came by to see who we were and what we were doing. They were especially fascinated by our trailer kitchen, and the great food spread :)

After lunch the bus drove off with those who wanted to go skydiving.
Skydiving is on my ten things to do before I die list, so i considered and reconsidered and considered again. But unfortunately the conclusion was that i couldn't afford it on this trip. Next time!

The rest of us walked across the bridge, and were told to follow the path to get to the city. it would take about 20 minutes, easy walk.

Yeah right. it took us about an hour. and it was an easy walk, but it would have been nice to be a bit more prepared for it... It was really hot, and i felt like my feet were burning up, so it was really nice to stop to dip my feet into the freezing river. It wasn't actually that cold, I would have gone swimming in it if it hadn't been a river. I never jump into unknown rivers, especially not when i know there are some massive rapids just a bit down the stream.

When we finally made it to Taupo we went to the bungyjumping place. I've never considered bungyjumping in my life, but it didn't really look as scary as I've always imagined it to be. So maybe, someday...

We managed to get about an hour in the city before we had to be back at the bus, so we went online and stuff, and i went to a huge grocery store and bought lots of strange candy. And vegetable chips... They weren't particularly good, but they were fun, and not bad, so they were a hit on the bus :)

Of course the trailer broke down right about here, so we couldn't go to the wilderness camp we were supposed to. So we had to stay on the locel campground, which was pretty much full. but a lot of us managed to upgrade to beds anyway, a few dorms full of people. It was great fun, until 4 of my roomates started snoring so hard that i could actually feel my bed shaking with every breath... :)

stopped for an hour of internet and shopping :D we also saw some people do a bungy jump. can't believe they actually want to do that, it seems terrifying. but it looked a lot nicer than i thought it would. who knows, maybe ill change my mind...
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photo by: carpefunk