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The plan was to go wine-tasting. and i was really looking forward to that.

Started the day at central market, which was very interesting, huge market with everything from food to souvenirs (like there isn't enough souvenirs in this city...) I'm definetely going back there without the family when I return to Adelaide :D

Then we got in the car and started driving towards the wine... went trough junk food junction, that's definetely something you don't see in norway :D

after a while we found a winery with an open cellar door, tried some wines and ended up buying a dessert wine that reminded me a lot about my mum's preserved plums...

after that we drove to the tourist information and tried some more wine, and found out that tours of the winery is only three days a week, at 10.30 in the morning. which is completely logical, but my father had never even considered the fact that you'd have to book in advance and be there at a special time... so that didn't happen. got in the car again after waaay too much back an forth, got lost four times before we got back on the right road (someone couldn't read the map and the signs with the same pair of glasses...)

then we found a place that was very nice. we paid five dollars, and they sat us down on a table and laid out a sheet with information about five wines. then they brought all the wines and some cheese. all in all it was very nice, very interesting, and great cheese. and wine :)

After that i was pretty desperate to get home, or at least out of the car, and nowhere near my family. so they decided to take the scenic route. (got lost again)

the nature was amazing, rolling hills and the rain had stopped, so it could have been a great trip. the scenery was just like in mcleods, and i kept itching for a horse to ride... of course i was stuck in a car with my lovely family. definetely growing up before i go holidaying with them again. in about 15-20 years or something...

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McLaren Vale
photo by: diverdeb