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The sweat is forming on my forehead as i once again turn the aircon down a bit. a quick glance on the angry read light confirms that I'm out of fuel. It's been red for the past 30 K's. and none of the tiny dots with names on the map turned out to be actual places, with fuel. Karoonda is only 5 kilometers away, and i keep my fingers crossed that I'll make it there, and that they have petrol.

As we drive into the city there is a sign on the side of the road, stating that this place has petrol, toilets and food, on left. only problem is really that there isn't much, or anything at all, really, on our left... and in a matter of seconds we've driven through the entire city without seeing anything like a gas-station, apart from a sign pointing to a mobil to the right.

so I hit the brakes and chucked a u-ie (did that sound australian?)

There is absolutely no people to be seen anywhere, and everything is just a bit too quiet for my liking. Hot, and quiet.

we followed the sign to the mobil, and actually found two old pumps outside a big garage with tractors in, but there were no people around, and the place seemed closed. so we kept driving for another two seconds before we passed the police station.

I hit the brakes again, and my dad got out of the car and went over to the police station to ask for anywhere to get petrol. i was very surprised when he returned with an explanation, i never expected there to be anyone in the police station.

So we went back to the main street and stopped infront of the combined store\pub\food place.
there was actually a pump infront of it, but someone ha parked their ute there, so we couldn\t get in. oh well. my dad went inside to ask again, and i went for a walk to have a look at the giant sheep on the other side of the road. there were actually a few fake sheep standing around, and some of them had signs on them, saying something about a huge show or something next month. I guess this is farm country...

after a very long wait, the ute decided to leave, and we could get to the pump and  get some petrol. And so we were off again, it was wonderful to get into the air/conditioned car again, the heat and the flies were driving me crazy, and the dust was blowing everywhere. the inside of my mouth felt like it was covered by a thin layer of dust, and biting my teeth together made crunching sounds. Air/con is great .
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photo by: annthansten