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I decided to get some real bush experience, in other words, getting a job. I thought it looked like fun to join a training course or something, so I called outbackpackers and signed up for the first one available. And here I am...
They picked us up in Brisbane early in the morning, and drove us to Gympie. The bus was fairly quiet, even though most of the brits had already spent a few days together. In Gympie people got a chance to open a bank account and do a little shopping if we wanted to. Of course I already had an account, but it was nice to stretch my legs a little, and have a look around yet another australian smalltown. Gympie is actually quite nice, and it seemed fairly big, even if there were work utes parked in the streets and flannel work shirts for sale in every other shop.
it was very clear that we'd reached the bush. It was a pretty cool feeling.

When we got to Goomeri, and the house we were staying in, they started by serving us lunch. The food was great, and i think most of us were starving, not haven eaten since the morning in Brisbane. After that Matt, our 'teacher' started talking about all sorts of stuff, and as soon as we'd signed our lives away, they gave us a work-shirt. So we all had similar uniforms with the OutBackPackers logo on it :) And then they loaded us into the mini-bus and took us shopping for work boots, hats, more shirts and whatever we might need. I'd already gotten myself a hat in Alice Springs, and i bought a few pairs of jeans at goodwill for about 5 dollars each, so i only needed boots.
Bought the cheapest ones i could find, but they were pretty good anyway. And i got myself another work-shirt, some kind of beige, cheap thing. But the fabric felt very solid, so i couldn't wait to try on my new boots and my new shirt, and just get out and get it dirty :D I always do that when i get new hiking or camping gear, I just have to put in on and get out and get it dirty as soon as i get home from the shop:) everything has to be tested and worn immediately :)

After the shopping we got a tour of the farm. it was all really confusing at first, driving around everywhere, having things pointed out to us at random. but it was fun sitting with a whole bunch of people in the back of the ute. And then we parked on a hill and watched the most amazing sunset. I'm still completely taken away by the enormous differences in nature Australia has, even when it looks somewhat the same as somwhere else, it's completely different :)

As the week progressed we ate really great food, had lung lunch naps on the veranda, and told each other ghost stories after we were well tucked into our bunks at night :)

We had quite a busy schedule with things we were going to learn, some of it seemed really scary, and some were just fun.
I had some mixed feelings about riding the motorbike, it seemed pretty hard when there was no roads. But it wasn't! it was actually really fun!. Of course i fell off a few times, and tipped over, and went in different directions from the bike, but it was so much fun! Driving a tractor wasn't that much fun, It's actually rather boring, but it was a good experience since the tractor i drove in switzerland was a pretty simple vehicle.

horseback riding was a lot of fun, mainly because the people who had never been on a horse looked like idiots :) but there was a few really good gallops, and some amazing scenery. it really was a dream come true, riding a horse through grass and gum trees. Of course i could barely walk afterwards, i haven't been on a horse in almost six months (not counting that one hour in christchurch), and the motorbike almost killed my inner thighs.
.. but it's a really good kind of pain :)

We also learned to fix fences, drive quad bikes (now that's scary!) tractor maintenance, mustering, castrating, de-horning and a whole lot of other useful stuff. it was a very busy and exhausting week, but it was great fun, and i highly recommend it to everyone, even if you don't want to work on a farm. and at the end of the week we were offered jobs. I ended up taking a job as a general station hand, on a small farm with no other employees. it was definitely going to be interesting, but the people sounded very nice on the phone :)

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photo by: annthansten