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I managed to get my dad to take me climbing for my birthday. I did some research, and found an indoor climbing gym, so we got in the car after dinner. We got there about ten past seven, but they only did the instruction intro every hour, so we had to wait until the 8 o'clock one. It was a long wait... but there were a lot of really good climbers to watch in action, so it was pretty nice anyway, and my best friend called from Norway to wish me happy birthday, so the time went somewhat quickly.

The instruction part was nice and easy, I've been trought it a few times now, but my dad, on the other hand, is a slow learner. He's very meticulous (word?) about safety, which is  a very good thing when it comes to climbing, but he's also very slow in everything he does, and he has to cheack everything ten times, instead of two, so it took a while.

Eventually we were ready to climb, starting off with the easiest walls, since I'm a bit untrained, and he's never climbed before. And that was a sight :) the big, old man is so stiff, it was hilarious to watch him climb :) but he did pretty well, considering. except that he got very scared once he was just over halfway up, and he doesn't trust the equipment at all, so it was impossible to get him to let go of the wall when he was going down. He actually climbed down most of the places, which took even longer than climbing up :)

It didn't take long before he'd decided he'd had enough, so I climbed the rest of the time, while he belayed me. Which was fun, but with me being a bit unfit and very out of practice, my arms can't take much more than three climbs in a row, when I have no belay breaks. All in all, we ave up pretty early, but it was a good night, and i think my dad was a very good sport to go climbing with  me :) It was a pretty good birthday :)

And I've decided to get on one of those jillaroo courses, so I'm going to Brisbane next week :) I'm looking forward to that, whether i get a job or not afterwards, it's going to be an experience.
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photo by: shirlan