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poppy, poor thing

Went horseriding somewhere very near campbelltown today, it was great, even though it was pretty hot. Got a horse named Poppy, poor thing, but he was really good, speedy too, when he finished dancing and i let him go. I guess it would have been an even better ride if there hadn't been that many inexperienced people in my group, even though they sent the beginners off first and saved the best for last, it was still huge variations within the group. But it was fun. had lunch on the lawn outside the stables afterwards, and then we went to campbelltown for an hour of sivilisation (shopping). lots of small shops, very nice little town. didn't really get to see that much, but i got a decent cup of coffee and some chocolate. (and yes, i won't have australian chocolate again unless i'm seriously desperate, it's a bit yucky...)

on the way back the whole bus waved at everyone going past us, and most people waved back, quite fun. and then i learned a new game: Hey cow!

it's very simple, all you have to do is yell "hi cow!" whenever you see a cow, and try to be so loud that the cow turns it's head...

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poppy, poor thing
poppy, poor thing
photo by: annthansten
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