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No idea why this entry ended up above the first one, but just scroll down and read that first if you want it chronological... :p

The guy in the tourist in formation was very helpful, telling me about lots of things i could do in Hong Kong cheap or free, and even helped me calculate how much money i would need. Finding an ATM was a bit harder than expected, there were exchange places on every corner, but not ATMs. of course i found one eventually, following the really vague directions given. Money in hand i found a train ticket automat, and a store that sold really good, cheap water. it tasted like water is supposed to taste, not chrunchy like evian and such. think it was calledf watsons, had some really cool green bottles :D

The train from the airport to the city took about 25 minutes, pretty cool views too. finding my way out of the train station proved to be harder than it should, but i managed eventually. It was cloudy and humid, but not too warm, i never took off my microfleece, although it got a bit warm at times it wasn't enough to stop and stuff more stuff into my already too heavy backpack... after walking back and forth a few times with the map in my hand i managed to figure out where i was and which direction was north. it's a bit hard to orient yourself when all the buil;dings are so tall that you can't see past them :p

went to the open air market that the tourist information guy told me about, and i would absolutely recommend it. it's not very big, but there are some really good bargains, and the atmosphere is really relaxed, no special-prize-for-you here, i was even allowed to touch things while i was looking without being attacked by over-eager sellers. of course they were a bit more interested in me when i walked trough the second time, shopping bags in hand, but it wasn't bad.

found my way to the peak tram after a while, there was a long line, but it was worth every second of it. by the time i had finally gotten on the tram it was dark, and let me tell you that h9ong kong by night, with the christmas dfecorations in addition to all the other lights is a view to remember!

The hill was so steep that it several points it felt like the tram was horizontal and all the skyskrapers were built at an angle:D really cool sight

i had paid for a skypass with my tram ticket, it didn't cost much, but i dont know why they bother charging extra for getting to the top floor terrace when you can see almost as much from the burger king balcony. of course the top floor has all angles. and the view is just breath-taking! you can see every skyskraper with their lights and all. too bad my camera won't take those kind of pictures, even though i tried. everything turned out under-exposed, even when i turned on the city-night-scene mode.
of course i started to panic a little when it was a 30 minute line to get on the train back down, i had been adviced to be back at the airport 1,5 hours before the plane departed, and someone had told me to double the time whatever they said at the airport. i practically ran back to the train station, only stopping briefly to look at some christmas light decoration park thing, very pretty. a bit complicated and a LOT of walking to find the right train back to the airport, but i think my tiredness made it a lot harder for me than necessary. in the end i made it back 30 minutes earlier than i thought i would :P

this timne there were practiclly no people on the airport, everythinbg was calm and somewhat quiet, all security checks went without a hitch and i suddenly had lots of extra time on my hands. was stopped for a survey about my stay in Hong Kong by some tourist information woman, managed to answer all the questions right away with a smile, until she asked about my age. I just looked at her, practically feeling the gears turning in my brain. i culdn't remember how old i was! after a few minutes (which felt like at least 10)  i managed to find basic brain functions again and told the lady i was 22. felt like a complete retard standing there, but i blame it on severe lack of sleep. my feet ached like crazy, having been cramped up on the plane for so long, and then just walking and walking and walking, not sitting down even to eat. and my lower back felt really bruised from where i had the belt on my backpack, so i had to lower the backpack to prevent it from hitting my back, which in turned was extremely painful on the shoulders... anything i've forgotten to complain about now?
oh well, the beer at the airport was extremely expensive, close to norwegian prices actually, and i had to buy a new one for every 30 min of internet time. i only bought two... the plan was to drink myself to sleep on the plane, but it didn't really work, i slept a little before the food came, and a few hours maybe after that. i don't know what day it is, and my body clock is comepletely screwed, more from lack of sleep than from jet lag. oh well, I'll be in Oz tomorrow...

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You can learn a lot when flying. Like go to the toilet before entering the plane. or at least go while you can still move without cringing in pain. And that you should put your shoes on before climbing over the smelly person next to you, as it will be impossible to reach them afterwards. and going to the toilet without shoes is not a pleasant experience as long as some men are convinced they have to stand and pee, even in a teeny tiny airplane lavatory.

 Sleeping on the plane is not as easy as it sounds when you check in your sleeping pills, and the guy next to you smell so bad that even after three hours you're wondering if the stench is burning a hole in your nose, as every breath is pure pain. oh well, it was only 12 hours.

Arriving in Hong Kong was a bit chaotic. very eager staff usherering people here and there in a hurry, no one really knowing if they were in the right place. after a few minutes i decided to hop off the confusing chaos trail, and just find a toilet. of course i found the room with the anything but fresh air first, so i had a short stop there before i continued my quest. once i had gotten some water on my face and brushed my teeth i felt like a completely new person, ready to face the world again :D (even if I'd managed tp put all my clean socks and undies in my checked in luggage...)
after standing in line for ages i managed to get to the immigration counter, where of course i was given a blue note and told that i should have filled that out before i entered the line if i wanted to get into hong kong. but they let me just step aside to fill it out, and then i was good to go :D
jennethm says:
Oh, I have experienced all of these too :) I thought I was just the unlucky one to have the worse plane seatmate possible. But as they all said, "charge it to experience" ;)
Posted on: Dec 18, 2007