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Went out to the reef on one of those many tourist boats. and it was great :D higly recommended :D we stopped at two different reefs and snorkeled for about tweo hours at each. Just amazing to see the reef up close like that, just floating around in the water looking at pretty fishes and amazing coral structures in all those different colours. Feeling completely weightless and all alone in the world, even with 30 other people snorkelling around you, you don't see them until you crash...

the lunch they served at the boat was great, lots of different salads, fish and steaks :D

the next location was bigger, with more fish, but there also seemed to be more damage to the reef, which is a bit sad. and the waves kept lapping into my snorkel, so i had the worst sugar craving after swallowing all that saltwater. but it was amazing anyway, just drifting around with the currants and the waves, just floating...

on the way back there was live entertainment on the boat... was quite funny actually, the dude forced people to sing a long and made fun of the korean girls that didn't understand english :D of course it was pouring down when we got back to cairns, it was so bad that we were soaking after running the five metres from the boat to the nearest roof. so we decided to walk back to the hotel, no need to force four soaking wet big people into a taxi. and it's quite fun to run around in puddles up to your knees when it's warm and you're soaked already.

when we left the boat we got one of those tickets with a free meal, if you purchase a drink at some place called the rhino bar. which is ok by me, but i was pretty sure my parents wouldn't feel very comfortable in that place. was i right? oh yeah. they served very tasteless spaghetti bolognese in bowls and there were only three tables in the room. but it was a free meal and a beer out of my father's wallet, so it was just fine by me :D afterwards my brother wanted to go drinking, and i was all for it, so we ditched the old folks and went in the complete opposite direction of them. but the beer didn't taste quite right, and i was so tired i just wanted to lie down and sleep in the pub, which i'm pretty sure the staff wouldn't have been too happy about, so i got a taxi and went back to the hotel. my little brother kept on drinking 'till four in the morning, and was a little bit insufferable the next day. i always feel extra great when other people are hungover and i'm not :D

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photo by: Katie_Kate