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The rest of the family arrived yesterday. seems like muuuuch longer ago... I'm probably sdtill a bit jet-lagged, awake at the strangest times and sleeping when i shouldn't. but i also think the heat is getting to me...
and i'm about to get some really bad blisters from my thongs... my poor toes are not used to this kind of treatment,  wearing boots most of the year.

yesterday i had my first driving lesson! my poor father was sure i was going to crash into the parked cars on the side of the road half the time, but i did pretty good overall, only came out on the wrong side of the road after a right-turn once... a few more lessons before i try to drive in real traffic, and then i'm good to go, i hope... it's a bit weird with all the funny traffic rules, and the wrong side of the road, but somehow having the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car wasn't a problem. except maybe when i forgot that the car was bigger on my left side than on my right...
the automatic gear shift was a bit more of a problem, i kept gripping for the gear shift every time i had to slow down, and my foot kept searching for the clutch, but i've driven automatic before without major incidents, so i'm sure i can do it again :D

and I've gotten myself an australian phone number too, way cheaper trhan using my norwegian phone. of course my phone was locked so i had to buy a new one, the cheapest piece of junk they had, but i'm sure i can get used to nokia again, had one years ago. and it came witha a pink cover too :D (you're right, i didn't put it on, i stuck to the grey one...)

spent the day in the center of adelaide, did some shopping, saw the big cone masquerading as a christmas tree on victoria sqare, had some fun with the foam in the fountain and behaved like a bratty teenager most of the time. why can't my family walk at my pace? why do we have to spend waaay too much time in every single shoe store in the city? why can't i walk alone to the stores i want to go to? why does my father have to plan every single step of the way? and when am i going to find something healthy to eat? i put on a kilo just from the plane food, after two days here i'm afraid to get on the scales, even though it's easily accessible, right in front of the fridge...

oh well, I'm sure things will be better tomorrow, i have to grow up sometime, and it's only ten more days with  the family :D
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photo by: shirlan