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Sunset over Heathcote Scout park

After waay too much hanging around, hungover, in the heat, we finally got on a bus to take us away from the dust and dirt that is a scout camp. it seemed that most people were very ready to go home, or at least go have a shower and maybe stay clean for a while after that.

when we finally arrived at heatcote scout camp it turns out we were double booked, and they had no idea we were coming. lovely. the poor old woman in charge looked like she was about to have a heart attack, so one of the ladies from the medieval thing that was already there tool over the whole organizing and managed to find us exactly 16 beds, inbetween theirs, of course.

then we had to sign forms to state that we would not sue if we were stupid enough to walk infront of one of the arrows from the war games, or similar. it was pretty cool looking at all these people in costumes, and especially interesting to see how they beat the crap out of each other with wooden sticks... they sure weren't playing nice, but then again, they were pretty well armoured...

that night all the uk people went somewhere for dinner, and lot's of other went into sydney for the night, so i was pretty much alone. not that i minded, was really looking forward to a good long sleep in a bed, for the first time in ages.

so i went up to the main street for dinner, and asked the locals where to get something cheap to eat, and where the pub was. most of the locals recommended the chinese, and the place was full, so i ordered some garlic beef something. tasted absolutely wonderful, but i couldn't even finish half of it. which i'm really glad i didn't. then i headed towards the pub, but before i even got there i felt a bit yucky, so i decided to just head back to my bunk bed and get some sleep.

had barely slept an hour before i woke up with the worst stomach cramps ever. then i spent the rest of the night on or infront of the toilet...

there goes that night of good sleep.

so the conclusion is, never eat chinese in heathcote, even if the locals seem to like it!


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Sunset over Heathcote Scout park
Sunset over Heathcote Scout park
photo by: annthansten