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Brighton Jetty
The customs was not half as bad as i thought, it went fast and easy, the didn't even comment on the knife when they scanned my backpack. which is was really happy about since i had forgotten all about it whenb i filled out that form about what iu was brining in and not. i've never thought of it as weapon at least, it's just part of my scout uniform. found my father immediately, and then i had to read the map while he was trying to drive home (men! in his excuse he never drove the car, it was just a hobby...) got to the house and went straight for the shower, i think it must have been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life, even better than the shower after a week of camping... felt absolutely disgusting, the pollution of hong kong, the stickiness of the humidity and the whole planes and aiports thing.

after some food we went for a little drive, out to brighton, had some ice-cream, stuck my toe in the water. retreated fairly quickly though, the water was a bit colder than expected :S

went back to the house to get some sleep. when i woke up i decided to see if i could find the way to coles, which i did without problem. i just love grocery stores in other countries, there is so much to see! all those things you wonder what is and what stuff you recognize from home and stuff :D

Had frozen pizza for dinner, then we went for a drive into the center of adelaide. i was really too sleepy to be paying attention to anything, but i'm getting quite good at reading the the map for this city, now i know where we are most of the time... went straight to bed after the short drive, woke up again at 1.30, back to sleep two hours later... there is a small possibilty i might be a teeny bit jet-lagged...

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Brighton Jetty
Brighton Jetty
photo by: shirlan