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cute old houses
The drive from Port Augusta to Quorn was the best drive so far on this long trip. The roads were narrow and windy, going uphill and down again. Finally it felt like actual driving, and not just sitting there for hours holding the steering wheel :) I love it when you have to be an active participant in keeping the car on the road:) I just wish the stupid car had manual gear-shift, the automatic takes some joy out of it. but it was fun anyway, listening to the car working, gloating a bit every time the car changed gears too late (I would have done it before that, because I can see the hill coming, but the car can't, haha!)

Anyway, we made it to quorn. I don't really know why we wanted to go here, but it was a charming little place, and all the houses was in the same style, and seemed to be from the same era. The old train station was very nice, with a small souvenir shop, and an old steam train. There were a whole group of train enthusiasts (what do they find so fascinating about trains? I don't get it.) Running the old steam train for the tourists. This used to be an important stop on the train to Alice springs, but the tracks have been moved since then, so No one is using these old tracks, except the steam train. the tourists seemed to love it, and it was very cool to watch it leave, with the fire extinguisher cart right behind it :)  apperantly the train was a bit of a fire hazard to the vegetation :)
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cute old houses
cute old houses
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the old steamtrain, running mostly…
the old steamtrain, running mostl…
photo by: Ils1976