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100 years of scouting!
This time we went to the war memorial. It's a very informative centre/museum, but it's sort of lost on me since i appearantly don't know much about Australian history. But clearly the Australians are very proud of their participation in various wars. I'm just wondering why this pride haven't stretched across the sea and into our history books... Apart from being the coldest place I've been in oz so far (damn aircon), The war memorial is definetely a place you need to spend a whole lot more than the hour and a half that we had. For starters, the displays are impressive, and i learned a lot more about world war one just from spending an hour in there than i ever did in school. I think i have to plan some more time in Canberra.
So we filled it up with scouts...
Guess that'll have to be next time i come to oz :p

Afterwards we had lunch in the park/picnic area behind the museum. So nice to be able to sit outdoors, under shade, practically wherever we go :D
but the flies are not so nice, still haven't managed to get used to them.

On our way out of Canberra we wanted to stop in the roundabout where we'd seen the 100 years of scouting thing. (for those who didn't know this; Scouting is the worlds largest youth organisation, and celebrated 100 years in 2007. scouting is celebrating 100 years in Australia in 2008, and it is now the year of the scouts, and there will be stamps, and a coin :D yay for scouts!)
now stopping in a roundabout is not as easy as it sounds, but our skilled expedition leader managed to find us some parking spaces infront of a hotel within walking distance. of course it took us forever to cross the street, like it often does in Australia, But suddenly we were there! So what does 12 scouts do when presented sucha display? well... we take pictures. and then we go sit on it... Imagine the looks we got from all the people driving by :D someone even rolled down a window and shouted something like "that's illegal!" when they drove past. Pretty funny :D
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100 years of scouting!
100 years of scouting!
So we filled it up with scouts...
So we filled it up with scouts...
Standing in front of the war memor…
Standing in front of the war memo…
photo by: Sunflower300