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Sal took me to the animal sanctuary. I can't remember the name of the place, but it was really cool, with lots of animals I've wanted to see. The echidna is a big favourite of mine, they're so cute with their long noses :)

There were also all sorts of other animals, and lots and lots of birds. I got really close to one of the kangaroos, I think I could have petted him if i wanted to, but i have a bit of respect for wild animals, I don't get too close on purpose. We went to the tasmanian devil exhibit, where one of the staff were telling us about why they're an endangered species now, what they do to keep them alive, and their breeding program.
We also got to see pictures of some newborn tassie devils, born there in the sanctuary.

They also had a fascinating exhibit at the animal hospital in the park, with lots of microscopes set up with different samples, and lots of information about what the different things you saw meant. It was a really cool biology lesson:) and we got to see some of the injured animals that were recovering there now. Joeys that were too young to live without their mothers (who'd been hit by cars) and a few other animals with injuries.

But the coolest exhibit of them all, was the platypus tank! those animals were really really active! and even though it was dark, you could see them pretty well, swimming and diving, up and down, all the time :) that was one of the highlights of my melbourne stay :)
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tassie devil :D
tassie devil :D
photo by: jendara