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my Passat stuck in traffic in upstate New York (the cars weren't moving at all, so I was able to hop out and snap this picture)

On my trek to I-87 south I took highway 401 through Ontario to the Thousand Island Duty Free shop, crossed the border, and drove through Alexandria Bay looking for some nightlife.  There was none on a Monday night, so I moved on to Pulaski, NY by Lake Ontario.  I found an empty parking lot between two buildings, rolled back the seat, and slept in my car.

(Tuesday, 29 August) I woke up at about 6:15am and drove to a state park on the lake.  I drove in, found the beach, and looked around, but it was still early and hazy and the sun hadn’t come over the mountain yet, so I took a nap on a picnic table for another hour.  Now the haze was gone and I could enjoy the beauty of the Great Lake.  When I had seen enough of the lake I drove down the road to Murphy’s, had a huge greasy omelet, and asked the waitress if there were any points of interest between Pulaski and Elmira.  She told me that the Great New York State Fair was in Syracuse and off I went.

As the name states, the fair was great.  It was huge; like New England’s Big E, but bigger and better.  I took a tractor-pulled shuttle around the fairgrounds and got off at the circus.  The trapeze girls were very talented and the motorcycles-in-the-sphere stunt is always cool.  At this one-ring circus a child-clown came out and said he would do a triple-summersault off a 3 ft (~91 cm) platform.  He insisted that everyone count to three to help him out.  As I watched, feeling to cool to count along, and the crowd reached “three,” he waved his arms calling, “Stop, stop.”  The announcer asked, “What’s wrong?”  From the center of the ring the clown pointed directly to me in the crowd and said, “He wasn’t counting, the guy in the black shirt.”  I turned a deep shade of red as the entire audience glared in my direction before I waved to the announcer in agreement that I would count next time.  So we all count to three, the kid jumped off the platform, said, “What am I, crazy,” and ran out of the ring.  It was quite an amusing performance.

I also visited all of the animal exhibits, the Indian village, and a lot of other cool stuff.  I had a delicious sliced London broil sandwich, fresh squeezed lemonade, and a fruit smoothie for lunch.

At about 2:30 pm I got back on the road for Elmira.  I missed my exit and got off at the next to call in my order with New York Barbell.  I told the girl on the phone which intersection I was at and that I was on my way.  She gave me directions and said that my order would be ready.  Approximately and hour and a half later I found the warehouse and it was closed!  I searched for a phone and found a small car dealership a block away.  The owner was very helpful and let me use the phone as much as I needed.  I first called the number I that I had used to place my order, but I got an answering service, which could be of no assistance.  A local sitting in the office heard my conversation and offered to help.  He gave me the home numbers, first of a manager who was not home, and then of the storeowner, who was a real jerk on the phone.  Eventually, after discussing all of my options with the two guys at the dealership – from going out to the bars in Binghamton and getting a hotel, to sleeping in my car (again) and coming back in the morning to pick up my weights – I decided to bag the idea, for the sake of preserving the suspension in my car, and just headed home empty-handed.  Down the winding, curving Rt. 17 all the way to I-84, I drove from 80 to 100 mph (~130 to 160 kph) to end this last, aggravating evening as soon as possible.  The drive relaxed me again and at 11:30pm I was home.  I made the trip in four and a half hours; which should have taken six.

I had the most increasable time.  Two weeks later I was still in awe of my experiences and adventures in Montreal, Canada.

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my Passat stuck in traffic in upst…
my Passat stuck in traffic in ups…
upstate new york
photo by: ctjevans