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main square of rapperswil

Away from the warm, sunny italian climate we were driving through miles of underground tunnels, mountains, and snow-capped peaks, thundering rains, and colder weather.

Rapperswil, known as the city of Roses, was a cozy little town to go strolling, sit in a cafe or restaurant, visit the castle at the top of the hill, or walk across the lake on the wooden bridge.

We walked through the town square, lined with multi-colored pastel buildings, and took the stairs to the top of the hill.  This is where the 13th century castle sat watch, over the city.  The spectacular views of the Lake and town below, are worth the venture.  Within the castle we found little to capture our attentions, though there is a Polish museum and a restaurant.

church adjoining the medieval castle

Being quite hungry, we walked around the town for at least a half hour, before settling down at a cafe. There are dozens of places to choose from, but hot foods are often dependent on the time of day.  Even though i am fluent in german, and swiss is merely a horrible dialect of it, it was very difficult to translate into english for my non swiss/german speaking boyfriend.  harder yet was trying to figure out the restaurant menus. ex: a milkshake is called "milchmix" in german. in swiss it is "frappe."  half the things i mistook for something else. i thought an order of fried potatoes were actually sausages. when i ordered cheesecake, i literally got cheese on bread, baked in the oven, shaped like a wedge of cake - but not cake!

Though the weather kept changing from rain to sunshine, we decided to head to the wooden bridge.  This wooden footbridge stretched across the lake in earlier centuries, built by the Hapsburg Family in 1358, and newly rebuilt in 2001.  The views on the bridge are also very deligthful, and you can see the carp swimming in the water, or approached by curious swans floating near the bridge.  We did not cross the entirety of the bridge,though I know it would have been a wonderful stroll.  As the rainclouds were threatening, we decided to head back to the car and begin our journey back to Germany.

joesu says:
swissgerman is not just a dialect, it is a own language, but only a spoken one! not nice to call it horrible! in swissgerman we use a lot of french words for food, i guess food has its own words in any german speaking country, austria has very funny words!!
Posted on: Jul 26, 2007
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main square of rapperswil
main square of rapperswil
church adjoining the medieval cast…
church adjoining the medieval cas…
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13th century rapperswil castle
13th century rapperswil castle
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